2013 Top Product Winner: ACA Management Platform

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What It Is: The ACA Management Platform is a business-intelligence tool that's designed to help companies comply with the healthcare-reform law in four major areas: tracking employee eligibility, modeling costs and risks, keeping up with compliance and reporting, and avoiding fines and penalties. The tool is built on eThority Analytics (Equifax acquired eThority in 2011) and can pull in data from a variety of sources and systems to allow users to model scenarios and identify potential risks. It is priced from $.27 to $2.67 per employee (based on organization size) plus a mobilization fee.

Why We Like It: As just about everyone knows, the Affordable Care Act is a complicated, confusing piece of legislation with lots of moving parts -- some of which can trip employers up with major fines and penalties. What makes things even more fun is that parts of the law aren't even completed yet, as the various government agencies responsible for them struggle to finish writing specific rules and regulations. The ACA Management Platform is the only stand-alone tool we've come across so far that's designed specifically to help organizations monitor and comply with this far-reaching and still-evolving law. It takes advantage of the fact that Equifax is the designated vendor for providing employment and income verification for the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services' CMS Exchange, which gives Equifax quick access to the latest changes and updates to the law. Its analytics function generates clear, easy-to-use reports that help users model costs and risks while letting managers get quick visibility into the workloads of variable-hour employees. Regardless of whether your organization is still struggling over ACA compliance, this platform is certainly worth a look.

Equifax Workforce Solutions

St. Louis



Oct 1, 2013
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