2013 Top Product Winner: Cornerstone Recruiting Cloud

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What It Is: Cornerstone Recruiting Cloud is designed to take advantage of social networks while being closely integrated with the rest of Cornerstone's talent-management suite. It's intended for external referrals and internal mobility and to reduce time-to-hire and increase new-hire quality. In its latest release, the product includes the following capabilities: an interview-management tool that can be synched with Microsoft Outlook and other organizational calendars for scheduling, managing and tracking the candidate-interview process; embedded video interviewing provided by HireVue; a mobile recruiting function that lets users review resumes and check candidate status via their smart devices; cost tracking for analyzing costs associated with job placements and agency fees; and background checking provided by HireRight. The product costs $25 to $50 per user based on clients' organizational structure, size and makeup. 

Why We Like It: With its extensive social-recruiting capabilities, Recruiting Cloud was already a strong entrant in the recruiting space. The new additions of sophisticated interview-management capabilities, seamless video interviewing and mobile capabilities, among others, add significantly to its potential usefulness for recruiting functions that must please many masters while having a limited amount of resources with which to do so. None of the new capabilities are breakthrough or revolutionary in and of themselves, but together they add up to something that should put Recruiting Cloud on the short list for HR departments looking to beef up their talent-acquisition arsenal.

Cornerstone OnDemand

Santa Monica, Calif.



Oct 1, 2013
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