2012 Top Product Winner: ApplicationConnect

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What It Is: Startwire's ApplicationConnect is a free widget for employers to use on their corporate career sites and/or Facebook recruiting pages. It's designed to provide immediate, efficient communication between job seekers and hiring organizations, allowing recruiting professionals the ability to quickly update applicants and receive feedback. ApplicationConnect gives hiring organizations access to a Web dashboard that allows them to review application dates, status and applicant feedback. As noted, there is no charge for use by either job seekers or hiring organizations.

Why We Like It: If it's simplicity you seek at the right price, ApplicationConnect will do the trick. First and foremost, it's got the goods when it comes to keeping the lines of communication open between job seekers and employers. Launched in June 2012, ApplicationConnect has some very impressive ease-of-use features. It can be customized to match an organization's branding. A simple line of code (a 10-minute installation) is all it takes for the ApplicationConnect widget to appear on a career site, a Facebook page or an email. When using this tool demo, you get a good idea of how it will eliminate the resume "black hole" that not only is a negative for job seekers, but also can be a black mark on an employer's reputation. From the demo, it's clear that the product can spark a two-way, open dialogue in the application process.


Lebanon, N.H.

Oct 1, 2012
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