2012 Top Product Winner: HireVue Mobile App

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What It Is: As its name suggests, HireVue Mobile App moves its solutions over to the world of smartphones and iPads so candidates can interview for a job anytime, from anywhere. The app is fairly straightforward: Employers are able to share a universal link or QR code using HireVue's OpenVue feature. Candidates can then download HireVue's app, click on the link and begin the interviewing process using their iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android devices. As with other HireVue solutions, the completed interviews can be reviewed and shared with others; and employers have the ability to produce and launch customized branding, as well as welcome and thank-you videos. The app is currently available to job candidates as a free download. Employers can access the interviews -- which include video responses as well as responses to multiple-choice and essay questions -- through HireVue's Digital Interview Platform.

Why We Like It: HireVue is back in the winner's circle again with its latest mobile-app offering. Sure, it's hardly surprising to see the company move its technology onto mobile devices. But as with many things, there's a right way and a wrong way to go about doing it -- and HireVue clearly falls in the first category. Whether you're an employer or job applicant, there's much to like about this tool. If you're an applicant, you're going to appreciate its ease of use. Employers, meanwhile, will like the way it seamlessly integrates with HireVue's platform, taking full advantage of its award-winning capabilities. Kudos to HireVue for addressing candidate mobility in a simple but thorough way.

HireVue Inc.

Salt Lake City

Oct 1, 2012
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