2012 Top Product Winner: getEASyView.com

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What It Is: getEASyView.com is an automated virtual interview platform that enables hiring managers to quickly conduct and customize an interview, ask job applicants to complete it and then evaluate, compare and even share responses. It combines a virtual reviewer, structured interview questions and voice capture technology. Developed by Employment Technologies, getEASyView.com requires no software because it is delivered via Web browser and telephone. Preconfigured interviews can be used for customer service, sales, contact-center representatives, supervisors and other jobs. The product pricing is per-interview discounted volume (10 interviews@$15 each, 50 Interviews@$12 each, 100 interviews@$9 each, etc.).

Why We Like It: Seeing EASyView in action, it's "easy" to understand how this product could be a major benefit for hiring managers and recruiters. Job candidates complete the interview online, interacting with a virtual interviewer (voice is via telephone). EASyView interviews simply eliminate the primary downsides of face-to-face prescreening interviews, mainly cost, time (and time zone restrictions), paperwork, interruptions, etc. We were impressed with the fact that the experience really does deliver a sense of the job applicant without the hassles of a face-to-face interview. There is no wasted time, as might happen in a person-to-person interview (or even a straight phone interview). It was great to see how the interview questions can be focused on a specific type of job, using preconfigured interviews or customized interviews. Plus, users can check out the interviews 24/7, a tremendous benefit and time-saver.

Employment Technologies Corp.

Winter Park, Fla.

Oct 1, 2012
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