2012 Top Product Winner: Visier Workforce Analytics

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What It Is: Visier Workforce Analytics is a cloud-based application designed to streamline the process of extracting, analyzing and reporting large amounts of complex data from disparate HR systems. It relies on predictive capabilities based on clustering algorithms to identify common trends, which can be used to, for example, identify the workers whom the organization is at the highest risk of losing, or to fine-tune recruiting strategies to find the people most likely to develop into top talent. It offers the ability to integrate any visual into a PowerPoint presentation with a single click. Pricing starts at $15 per employee, per year.

Why We Like It: Among its standout features, Workforce Analytics' "in-memory analytic engine" allows users to play out "what-if" workforce scenarios and get a real-time response based on the information within the system. Another noteworthy feature auto-identifies and shows outliers in the data within the product's dashboard function, and the "topic-based" approach of the product cohesively brings together all the relevant data on a specific topic, including pay equity, recruiting effectiveness and retaining valued employees, for example. We also appreciate the product's ability to present an organization's current situation and highlight the relevant issues for its users, rather than forcing them to hunt for the insight that data may yield.

Visier Inc

Vancouver, Canada

Oct 1, 2012
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