Customers Save on Moving, Storage With United Van Lines

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Companies seeking a relocation provider are looking for a vendor that can provide professional services regardless of location, and a partner that can work with a budget in mind. For decades, United Van Lines has been that service provider for many of the nation's largest corporations.

"With 65 years of experience in the moving industry and successfully serving more than half of all Fortune 500 companies, United's experience and the size of our global network helps us solve relocation challenges facing our customers," says United Van Lines CEO Rich McClure. "Each of our customers is unique, and we work hand-in-hand with each and every company to understand their relocation needs and provide them customized solutions."

In today's global economy, many of United's customers are looking for flexible international moving and storage solutions. Prompt, personal service is extraordinarily important for any relocation. It is especially important for employees transferring overseas. United understands that working around different time zones and knowledge of different cultural practices is pivotal to a smooth and stress-free move for an employee.

One United customer began relocating more employees to Great Britain and other nearby destinations. After considering feedback from the customer, United opened a new London location to ensure that transferees to and from that area of the world received the personal attention they needed (this is in addition to and in support of its existing service centers in the United Kingdom). United quickly realized the success of the new operations and has since expanded to add more move coordinators to help the customers' employees navigate the international moving process.

Watching the Budget

While professional service is important, it has to be done within a company's relocation budget. United has partnered with many companies to implement significant cost savings in their relocation programs. A human resource professional from a company in the oil and gas industry contacted United Van Lines inquiring about long-term storage. The company was concerned about its current provider's costs, and was looking for a vendor that could work within its budget as well as provide detailed reports about where the belongings were being held in warehouses around the world. United Van Lines helped this company save more than $18,000 annually on its long-term storage alone. United streamlined the process, avoiding unnecessary mark-up prices and utilizing benchmark data that ensured prices issued to the customer were fair and on par with the industry. United's robust reporting capabilities also provided the company with detailed reports listing all of its employees' shipments and their locations throughout the world.

United has also introduced significant cost savings for companies' domestic-relocation packages. The CityPointe program can help companies expand their lump-sum-relocation offering at no cost to them or their transferees. By using a professional real-estate agent, referred to them by the program, transferees can earn cash back on the sale of their current home or purchase of a new home. On average, CityPointe customers earn $2,000 cash back. That's $2,000 in additional funds that they can apply to their relocation at no cost to the company. A number of United Van Lines' clients have used the CityPointe program to provide a better relocation experience for their lump-sum transferees.

As these case studies demonstrate, United realizes that a customer relationship is more than that-- it's a partnership. As a partner, United shows its commitment to each customer by working with them to identify their corporate relocation needs and goals, and providing efficient solutions to help reach them.


Organizations Served: Several companies in the oil and gas, advertising and aerospace industries.

Relocation Challenges: To provide seamless global moving solutions, decrease costs within the companies' relocation programs and enhance lump-sum relocation offerings.

Sep 16, 2012
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