Mayflower Helps Companies, Employees Save on Relocation

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Regardless of whether companies have human resource staffs of one or hundreds, they often look to outsource relocation functions to maximize their staffs' time and reduce costs, all while providing their future employees with lasting first impressions.

"Moving can be stressful for any employee, no matter if it is their fourth company relocation or their first," says Mayflower CEO Rich McClure. "At Mayflower, we know that taking care of the details with care and expertise can help ease the stress both for the employee and their employer."

One Mayflower customer had a human resources staff of just one individual, meaning relocation was just one of the many hats this one person had to wear. When the customer decided to outsource the relocation function, they contacted Mayflower. A Mayflower representative sat down with the customer, asked what their relocation policies were and how they thought the policies could be improved to meet their employees' needs and reduce costs.

In the end, Mayflower helped to fine-tune the moving policy and began overseeing all aspects of the company's corporate relocations. Mayflower's move management team helped facilitate each move door-to-door, with a single point of contact for each employee. This allowed the human resources staff member to focus on other tasks, knowing that Mayflower was helping their employee every step of the moving process. By hiring Mayflower to assist with relocations, the company was able to redirect staff time to achieve other company goals.

Cutting Third-Party Costs

Mayflower can also help companies that may have a larger human resources staff, but perhaps are looking for ways to simply reduce costs. In fact, one large company specifically requested that Mayflower help it identify how to reduce third-party costs. Employees often needed services such as assembly and disassembly of items like play sets, installation of electronics or appliance services, which all incurred third-party costs. Mayflower helped the company review its relocation policies and found that several could be refined to help reduce third-party costs. The next step was ensuring that all involved in the moving process were aware of the customer's requests to reduce third-party requests and also inform them of policy changes.

Once these changes were implemented, third-party costs began to decrease. After Mayflower took inventory of an employee's belongings, the move coordinators assigned to the customer would thoroughly look through the inventory to identify whether the third-party services were included in the revised updated relocation policy. The employees were then made aware of the policy changes and any extra charges they might incur up front. The entire process led to the company saving money and their transferees feeling satisfied that their move was in accordance to the relocation policy.

Maximizing Relocation Dollars

Yet another specialty of Mayflower is the ability to adapt and become moving experts across all industries. For example, universities and companies in the medical field began contacting Mayflower to coordinate their employees' moves. To help make the moving process easier on professors and doctors, Mayflower became familiar with the types of needs that were specific to them, whether it was how to handle book collections or uniforms and medical equipment.

Companies large and small also look to Mayflower for ways to help them maximize employees' relocation dollars through the CityPointe program. The program can help provide additional funds for moving, as well as a reputable source to find information about realtors, neighborhoods, temporary housing and much more. The program is no cost for either the company or the employee. By using a professional real estate agent, referred to them by the program, transferees can earn cash back on the sale of their current home and/or purchase of a new home. On average, CityPointe customers earn $2,000 cash back. CityPointe is just another example of how Mayflower strives to provide innovative programs to companies, and guide employees through every step of the relocation process.


Organizations Served: Several companies in large retail and medical fields, as well as law and academia.

Relocation Challenges: To improve overall relocation and transition experience, reduce third-party costs and meet the unique needs of professionals relocating within the medical and academic fields.

Sep 16, 2012
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