2011 Top Product Winner: Kronos Workforce Mobile

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What It Is: Kronos Workforce Mobile is a time-and-attendance and scheduling application that's designed to run on the native platform of whichever smartphone managers and employees typically use, whether it's an Android-based phone, an iPhone or a BlackBerry. The product lets managers schedule shifts and approve timecards and time-off requests via their phones, while employees can view their schedules, request time off, approve their schedules and punch in and out of work via their mobile devices. A Workforce Mobile Manager license costs $40.95 per manager and the Workforce Mobile Employee license costs $5.04 per employee (used in conjunction with Kronos Workforce Timekeeper).

Why We Like It: This is one of those products that prompts us to say "Finally!" So often, HR vendors come out with brilliant new products that, unfortunately, require managers and employees to add new routines or go through additional steps of an existing process. Kronos Workforce Mobile does the opposite: It makes their lives simpler by relying on devices that they tend to have on them at all times: their smartphones. It frees managers from having to go back to their offices or find an available laptop to perform basic tasks that usually interrupt their daily workflow. And it makes life easier for employees who, as we all know, are being asked to do more than ever these days.

Kronos Inc., Chelmsford, Mass.

Oct 2, 2011
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