2011 Top Product Winner: Candidate Statements

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What It Is: Candidate Statements is a web-based software solution designed to help job candidates easily see a robust, personalized model of their compensation and benefits, both in print and online. This stand-alone application also offers reporting that can be targeted for individual recruiters, recruiting teams and an administrative overview. Recruiters can add company branding, including videos and written messages, as part of the information available to candidates. Annual licensing begins at $7,200. Customization and branding are also available.

Why We Like It: While it is becoming more common for organizations to show employees the cost of their total rewards, this product aids recruiting efforts by bringing that information to job candidates. We also like the dashboard, which allows recruiters to see the job applicants' online activities related to the calculation of the company's benefits and compensation, such as time spent on various pages. It's easy to use -- both for recruiters and candidates -- and could be helpful for companies trying to land top talent by differentiating their organization's compensation packages from competitors.

TotalRewards Software Inc., Rocklin, Calif.

Oct 2, 2011
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