Mark Fogel

This accompanies Mark Fogel: Mr. Get-it-Done.

Title: Vice President of Human Resources and Administration

Company: Leviton Manufacturing Co., Melville, N.Y.

Key HR Challenges: Overseeing the construction of Leviton's new, state-of-the-art headquarters facility despite a lack of previous construction experience. Fogel also managed the seamless relocation of the 400-employee headquarters staff to the new facility -- all the while holding down his responsibilities in HR and other areas.

Key HR Accomplishments: Fogel helped transform Leviton's HR function to a vital partner with its overseas operations and forged a "One World" mind-set among the company's HR staff in helping the company streamline its HR function. He developed a new in-house employee-assessment program that costs less than $200 a year to implement.

Oct 2, 2010
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