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Hello, I was surprised to read your comment that salary information is confidential. It has been my impression that it is not confidential in California and that this extends to employees comparing notes about pay. Can you shed some light on this? 

Hal Anjo

Manager, Human Resources

Lyngso Garden Materials, Inc.

Redwood City, Calif.

Tracey's response:

I was actually very careful in my phrasing -- I said it is "generally" considered confidential and to be disclosed on a need-to-know basis. I included those qualifiers because the National Labor Relations Board takes the position that salary is a term and condition of employment as to which employees have the right to share information for purposes of organizing, and because in a union context or for a senior executive at a publicly traded company, salaries may be reported (in a union contract salary schedule or in a government filing).

Nov 8, 2007
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