Fun Facts from John M. Murabito

* Three people (living or dead) you would like to have dinner with:

Jesus Christ

Abraham Lincoln

Benjamin Franklin 

* Best place to go on vacation: Italy 

* Best piece of advice you ever got: "Confidence is 80 percent of the game." Dave Zemelman of Frito-Lay.

* First job you ever had: Dishwasher at "The Purple Cow," an ice-cream parlor in Chicago 

* Least favorite class in school: Calculus 

* Music currently in your CD player or most recently downloaded to your iPod: Led Zeppelin III 

* Your all-time favorite book: Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett 

* Best gift you ever got: Anything my daughter makes me! 

* Favorite spectator sport: Baseball 

* Your favorite food: Fox's Pizza; 101st and Western, Chicago 

* Most embarrassing moment: Spilled a taco all over my white shirt once just as I was getting up to make a speech in front of 400 people! 

* Favorite hobby/activity: Riding one of my Harleys 

Oct 2, 2009
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