Fun Facts from Elease E. Wright

* Three people (living or dead) you would like to have dinner with:

One of my father's grandparents (emigrated to the United States from St. Kitts)

A. Phillip Randolph

Michelle Obama

* Best place to go on vacation: A beach in Rhode Island or some place I've never been to before.

* Best piece of advice you ever got:

"Always have your own money and control your own destiny." Her mother's advice right before the family walked down the isle at her wedding.


On the career side, a colleague advised her three times to consider leaving her comfortable, high-paying job at Aetna to take on an enterprising project within the company (helping to revise the HR function), even though it had a less desirable office and reported to a lower level in the company. The move eventually put her on the path toward the executive ranks.

* First job you ever had: I was the voice of Jack in Jack in the Box (a fast-food chain).

* Least favorite class in school: Chemistry

* Music currently in your CD player or most recently downloaded to your iPod:

In my car: John Legend

In my radio alarm clock: Michael Jackson

* Your all-time favorite book: The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver

* Best gift you ever got: For our 25th anniversary ... my husband surprised me, no warning, and took me to Paris. It was the first vacation that two of us had without children in over 25 years.

* Favorite spectator sport: Basketball (my son plays for Providence College)

* Your favorite food: Fish

* Most embarrassing moment:

We had just moved from Queens in New York City to Long Island. I was a freshman in high school, going to a new school and I didn't know anybody, so it was pretty intimidating and you're a freshman and sort of the low life in the organization anyway as a freshman. You know how they polish the floors? I come in there. I was small anyway -- I looked like I was 10 -- and I walked in with my books. It was a Catholic school and the upper-classman they wore their uniforms the cool way, I had my blazer buttoned, my Oxford shirt, everything just right. And I slipped on the newly waxed floor with books flying. Many years later I still remember that day.

* Favorite hobby/activity: It's a toss up. It's either reading or kayaking.

Oct 2, 2009
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