The Investigator

What It Is: The Investigator is a Web-based, interactive learning simulation designed to teach HR managers how to effectively investigate complaints of workplace misconduct, such as sexual harassment, retaliation and unethical behavior.

In the simulation, users assume the role of Maria Cruz, a director of HR at a fictional company who must conduct a sexual harassment investigation. Through their avatar, users must meet with the claimant, interview the respondent, talk to witnesses and make decisions based on information they gather.

The simulation ends when users decide whether disciplinary action should be taken and meet one last time with the claimant and respondent to communicate the case outcome. The price per learner ranges from $100 to $250, based on number of licenses purchased.

Why We Like It: The Investigator is a smartly conceived and engaging product that seems especially well-suited for 20-something and 30-something age employees, although employees of all ages will benefit from this training.

The computer-generated characters are realistic and seem hip (not too hip, of course) -- the flow of their language very much reflects the way younger folks talk these days. The ability to pause and select different scenarios and then be graded on the scenario chosen provides what so many of today's employees crave: instant feedback.

The only quibble we have is with the somewhat eerie background music that plays during the scenarios, but given the value this product offers, that's a minor distraction.

Kognito Interactive, New York

Sep 16, 2009
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