TalentSIM Leadership Simulation

What It Is: TalentSIM Leadership Simulation is an interactive Web-based application that uses streaming video and other stimuli that allows users to follow along with five company leaders dealing with challenging (but fictional) work-related conundrums, presented with live actors and narration.

In one example, Jean manages the accounting department at Symtrex Co. Her employee, Jimmy, has been working there for about five months, but after repeated help, he's not progressing. She asks her boss George if she can fire him, but he says it will reflect badly on her managerial skills. What's Jean to do?

The user is given a choice of four courses of action, such as firing the employee anyway or following George's recommendation. After completing the simulations, users are presented with a report detailing their competencies and offering suggestions to help their development.

Pricing is $250, but decreases to $150 for high volume purchases.

Why We Like It: TalentSIM takes great pains to make its examples seem like real-life work environments. In many instances, information is presented via e-mail and voicemail or require users to examine charts and financial data to choose the best course of action for their fictional manager. The judges especially liked the products subtlety.

As in real life, the decisions users make are not black and white. In the above example, Jean could respond to her boss by saying: "Maybe you're right, George, about some people taking longer to learn. I'll work with Jimmy for another two months; then I will let you know whether I think he'll be successful or not."

Or Jean could tell George: "George, you have more experience in these situations than I do. I'll go with your suggestion and I will give him more time."

Subtle differences, just like in the real-life workplace. Companies can also use the product in their leadership selection.

Censeo Corp., Maitland, Fla.

Sep 16, 2009
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