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Integrating Compliance with Workplace Culture, Ethics and Behavior
Compliance is not an easy issue to tackle, especially when it comes to meeting training requirements for wide-ranging, complex regulations. A training program truly succeeds when the information is implemented in the workplace culture, ethics and behavior. Read this executive brief to learn about effective compliance training for the digital age.
ACA HR Technology Guide: Your roadmap to ACA compliance
Is the Affordable Care Act making your heart race? Then this is the guide for you. The ACA HR Technology Guide from Paycom can help you make sense of the new compliance issues impacting your business. Learn how the right technology can help ease compliance burdens and more effectively manage labor costs.
Protecting Your Employer Brand Online: How to Avoid Negative Social Media and Online Reviews of Your Employer Brand
Your employees are the voice of your brand. What can you do when they speak about your company negatively online? Discover how to listen for negative feedback on social and online platforms; fix internal organizational problems before they become public property; and proactively generate opportunities for positive word of mouth.
Top 5 Reasons You Should Chart Your Entire Workforce
Organizations that don't track workforce data across the enterprise spend significantly more time and resources for workforce planning, budgeting and headcounts, and risk noncompliance with regulations. The truth is, there's a cost-effective and efficient way to stop the bleeding. The first step is to deploy an automated organizational charting solution.
Job Seekers and Recruiters Surveyed After Skype Interviews
An independent research study over two years reveals responses to this ease-of-use question "Skype was easy to use for my interview." About one-quarter of those surveyed agreed calling into question the impression made on those job candidates and the long-term impact on brand perception.
Empowering HR Investigations: Protecting Employees, Information, Privacy and the Business
This report illustrates the benefits of a comprehensive computer forensics policy that helps to protect businesses from legal liabilities, while reducing the burden on HR departments and IT departments to validate the appropriate use of internal resources, protect intellectual property from compromise, and reduce the potential for HR violations and employee complaints.
83% of Candidates Say, "The Hiring Experience Influences My Desire to Work for You"
Montage independently surveyed active job seekers proving that early engagement is critical in winning the commitment of top candidates. With the hiring experience playing a more influential role than ever, listen to your job candidates. Download the research to hear from active job candidates surveyed over a two-year span.
Impact of Good Faith Efforts on Talent Management
To prevent discrimination and ensure equality of opportunity, the government requires that federal contractors and subcontractors take affirmative action. A Good Faith Efforts program supports this. It can also protect non-federal contractors from potential accusations of discrimination and help them benefit from a diverse workforce. Download this white paper to learn why Good Gaith Efforts matter.
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