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Reducing Turnover Starts with Hiring and Developing Great Leaders
While turnover can be difficult to fix, there are very clear ways to understand how it impacts your organization and what can be done to reduce it. Learn the three things that organizations who have "solved" this problem do differently -- and they all center on effective leadership.
Steer Your Business Through the Treacherous Waters of Overtime Expansion
The Dec. 1 compliance deadline for FLSA overtime expansion is mere weeks away. Because the new rule essentially doubles the required salary threshold for overtime exemption, it could have a significant impact on your business. Learn more about changes to overtime rules and their potential challenges in this white paper.
eBook: Five essentials for driving the future of performance management
Ready or not, the work world is changing. Many organizations are making the switch from traditional performance processes to ongoing performance discussions -- but what does that look like? This eBook guides you through the five essentials of ongoing performance management, and gives tips on how to transition your performance strategy and process. Download eBook>>
Taking "Stock" in the Workforce
This whitepaper from Human Resource Executive® examines how employers can drive engagement, loyalty and productivity by offering an innovative mix of stock-based benefits. But education needs to play a leading role.
Three Ways to Optimize Benefits for Employee Engagement and Retention
Research shows the sweet spot for employers to maximize employee satisfaction and loyalty sits between offering 11--15 benefits. But how can you weed through dozens of voluntary benefit offerings to find the right mix for your specific population? Download our eBook now for three essential next steps.
HRE -- Highlight of "Six Steps to Bring Financial Wellness to the Workplace"
Bringing Financial Wellness to the Workplace -- A six step guide
Featuring best practice tips about financial education and communication from leading organizations. "6 steps to bring financial wellness to the workplace," can be the first step to help thousands of U.S. employees get out of debt, save more, improve investment knowledge and form a solid plan for their financial future. Download it now to start a new national conversation in the workplace about financial wellness.
ACA Compliance: Takeaways from 2015 to Prep You for 2016
The 2015 Affordable Care Act reporting cycle has ended - and with it ended the IRS's leniency towards employers. HR leaders now face the threat of massive potential fines: up to $3 million for large employers. Download this At-A-Glance Guide to help improve your strategy for a smooth and successful second reporting cycle.
Ultimate Guide to Onboarding
Make Sure New Hires Stay, Engage and Thrive
Everything you need to know about transforming new hires into engaged employees -- which leads to employee commitment and accomplishment. In this essential guide, you'll learn about onboarding basics, ways to improve existing programs, critical elements for success and more!
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