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Ultimate Guide to Onboarding
Make Sure New Hires Stay, Engage and Thrive
Everything you need to know about transforming new hires into engaged employees -- which leads to employee commitment and accomplishment. In this essential guide, you'll learn about onboarding basics, ways to improve existing programs, critical elements for success and more!
Calculating the ROI of an Onboarding Technology Solution
Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Arrive at Estimated Savings
How do you justify an investment in onboarding technology? This short step-by-step guide takes you through a series of cost questions and then provides the formulas. If you haven't already used the interactive Onboarding ROI calculator, you'll find a link to that smart tool as well.
Benefits Communication Improves Employee Satisfaction
Employees want choices for health care benefits. But they also expect employers to help them understand coverage options. Studies show employees are more satisfied with their jobs, and less likely to look for other employment opportunities, if they believe their employer offers good benefits and the benefits are well communicated.
The Impact of Successful Employee Referral Programs: Learn Why They Matter
Because top talent is more challenging to find than ever before, the value of employee referral programs can't be ignored. 88% of employers rate employee referrals above all other sources of hire. Learn how to generate more referrals by downloading our eBook today.
The Future of HR: Will You Be Ready, Willing and Able to Lead?
The business environments of today and tomorrow require human resource professionals with holistic perspectives on organizational framework and culture. Today's HR leader must own the design, build and execution of an organization's leadership framework and leadership brand.
HR Value Creation and the Impact of HR Competencies and Department Activities
The most recent HR Competency Study (HRCS) explores the major drivers of success for HR professionals and HR teams or departments. The surprising results shed light on new ways HR can help organizations thrive in complex business environments.
A Complete Guide to Best Practices for Onboarding New Employees
How you onboard new employees can have a significant impact on employee and organizational success. You not only have to make a great first impression -- you also need to lay the foundation for a strong, lasting and productive working relationship. In this eBook, you'll find the research, best practices, and resources that can help your organization be brilliant at onboarding. Download now.
Break Through the Noise: Effective Communication Starts Here
Open enrollment goes by in a flash. Do you have a plan for continuing to educate your talent on how to get the most from the stellar benefits you offer? Make sure the real value of your benefits is getting through. Learn how to break through the noise and start communicating more effectively -- download the guide now!
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