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Organizational Modeling Helps Meet New Demands for Headcount Planning and Budgeting
HR professionals today are expected to focus on bigger picture objectives, understand business challenges and translate HR data into business terms. Modeling offers a single solution for multiple demands, helps HR professionals address a variety of business challenges, and allows companies to continually drive profitability. Read this white paper to learn more.
Risks for Failure to Train
If making hiring, promotion and similar decisions is part of your responsibility, you must ensure that they help meet your organization's overall objectives and also comply with Affirmative Action (AA) and Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) laws and regulations. Download this white paper and learn more on staying compliant with your training programs.
The Absolute Must-Do's for HR
The majority of training and performance management processes don't lead to more skilled and productive employees. So what's different about the ones that do? Read this report and learn how to increase employee productivity by 37 percent, as well as what separates world-class learning and performance from ho-hum; and read real business examples of this in action.
Engage and Motivate Every Generation in Your Workforce
You are witnessing workplace history! For the first time in decades, sales and business leaders are managing teams made up of three very distinct generations. Learn how you can lead your multi-generational team to success. Download the guide today!
Owning the Talent Pipeline: Turn Promises Into Reality
While end-to-end human resource systems have been hyped for years, today's newest technology turns those empty promises into real solutions. This article shows how cloud-based, mobile-enabled platforms like Workday allow you to own your talent pipeline at every stage of the process.
How to Predict Candidate Success
The facts are clear -- most companies today need to do a better job selecting talent. Learn how to predict which candidates will succeed at your company and how best-in-class organizations are scientifically assessing talent before hiring to lower turnover, increase job performance and improve engagement.
Take the Labor out of I-9 & E-Verify Compliance
Many HR executives are frustrated by the level of company resources consumed by Form I-9 compliance. Some electronic I-9 solutions lower the labor of I-9 compliance, but not all do. Learn how to tell which electronic I-9 solution will most dramatically reduce the resources you need for I-9 compliance.
I-9 Eval Guide: Questions You'll Be Glad You Asked
Many companies learn the hard way that processing Form I-9s electronically doesn't always save labor. Many electronic I-9 solutions simply replace a cumbersome paper process with a burdensome online process. Don't find out the hard way that you've bought the wrong system. Ask these specific questions before you buy.
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