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I-9 Eval Guide: Questions You'll Be Glad You Asked
Many companies learn the hard way that processing Form I-9s electronically doesn't always save labor. Many electronic I-9 solutions simply replace a cumbersome paper process with a burdensome online process. Don't find out the hard way that you've bought the wrong system. Ask these specific questions before you buy.
The Big Data Opportunity for HR and Finance
Read this report from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services to discover how big data provides unprecedented opportunities for gathering and analyzing data. Big data is no longer the sole prerogative of marketing, sales, and product development. HR and finance organizations are tapping into its potential and beginning to realize its value.
The Dynamic Duo of Assessment and Development
When it comes to talent management, some organizations have separate assessment and development strategies that are led and executed by different teams of people. When the two functions are disconnected, there is a lack of alignment with organizational strategy, which means that neither function fully meets the organization's needs. This white paper, The Dynamic Duo of Assessment and Development, examines the issues that can arise when assessment and development are separate, explores the advantages of integrating them, and presents a framework for combining them for the biggest payoff.
Employee Engagement: Putting Employees in Control
The first night you were out on your own and behind the wheel as a teenager was nerve-wracking for your parents, but guess what: You came home safely and the car was still in mint condition. Employers have become paternalistic in their efforts to control population health. But these days, people are taking control of their own healthy behaviors. And they're doing it for themselves, not for their boss or HR director. Employers need to learn to "hand over the keys" of wellness to their employees for maximum results, understanding that individuals are ready to handle their own health decisions.
Making the Case for an Automated HR Help Desk
This white paper outlines how you can engage your employees, make HR more efficient and reduce costs with an automated HR case-management solution, which can ultimately increase efficiency and decrease business costs. Self-service technology applied to HR case management allows employees to answer their own questions and frees the HR staff to take on more strategic business tasks.
Heightened Employee Engagement: Hidden Gold in an Automated HR Help Desk
This white paper unveils how a fully featured HR case management solution can support any organization to both drive and measure employee engagement. There is no longer any doubt about the importance of keeping your workforce engaged. High-performing organizations know this and have strategies in place to drive and measure employee engagement.
Where the Rubber Meets the Road: Applying HR Technology to Solve Real-World Problems
This white paper brings the insight and wisdom of seven of HR's most recognized thought leaders to one topic: how to use today's powerful HR technology to focus on the people in your organization and become a more strategic business partner.
The Ultimate Guide to Tech Hiring
Learn how to locate, screen and hire top tech talent while saving time and money. This guide is designed to help small and mid-sized businesses locate, screen, and hire the best technical talent possible. We're here to demystify the process and help close that gap so that your business can move forward with the talent they need on board.
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