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The Chemistry of Employee Engagement
At some organizations, engagement seems to happen naturally. Employees feel it. They're committed, energetic, attached. At other organizations, engagement is uneven and difficult to sustain. Employees feel this, too. Download this white paper to learn how companies are using real-time employee engagement information to find and fix any disengagement loops before they become major problems.
Digital Successes for HR Departments--With eSignatures
The world of HR is changing. The talent pool is becoming more global and tech-savvy, and candidates expect an online and mobile experience. Download this Case Study Sampler to see how other firms are leveraging DocuSign to cut costs, improve compliance, and free up time for other critical HR functions.
Outsourcing Benefits Administration. Am I Ready?
Are you ready to outsource your benefits administration? Empyrean makes the decision easier with this free eBook that covers the key concerns and issues you need to evaluate. It highlights the critical factors that typically drive the decision to outsource benefits administration or change providers.
The Ultimate Guide to Learning: Everything You Need to Know
Are You Getting the Most out of Corporate Training and Learning?
Maintaining an engaged and knowledgeable team requires the right training and development. The Ultimate Guide to Learning shows you how to leverage learning tools so that trained employees can effectively contribute to organizational goals.
Calculating the ROI of an Onboarding Technology Solution
Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Arrive at Estimated Savings
How do you justify an investment in onboarding technology? This short step-by-step guide takes you through a series of cost questions and then provides the formulas. If you haven't already used the interactive Onboarding ROI calculator, you'll find a link to that smart tool as well.
How HR Can Eliminate the Paper Pain and Go Digital
Attracting & retaining talent are two of the most important functions of an HR organization, but paper has a nasty habit of tying up HR resources. This eBook will show you how paper impacts the business and how adopting DocuSign can lead to a competitive advantage in HR.
Exposing the Top 5 Myths about Outsourcing Benefits Administration
Don't be misled by common myths regarding outsourcing your benefits administration. If you are deciding whether to outsource your benefits administration, read this free eBook from Empyrean. It will help you understand several misconceptions, sort out fact from fiction, and make a much more informed decision.
Ultimate Guide to Onboarding Portals
Most companies spend a lot of resources perfecting their websites. They use the latest technology to create rich customer experiences, but often overlook another valuable digital presence: their onboarding portals. This eBook provides best practices that take onboarding to a new level, and looks at the best portals around.
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