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Ultimate Guide to Performance: Everything You Need to Know
Align and Measure Employee Goals for Better Business Performance! The Ultimate Guide to Performance provides the information needed to improve how companies manage and track employee performance, to ensure employees are aligned with the proper goals and objectives to increase business performance.
Ultimate Guide to Strategy for HR Leaders
It's time for action and new ideas that can strengthen HR's contributions to business success and clarify those contributions to others. This guide points the way with action steps to align HR with business success, tips for metrics and reporting, case studies and more!
Ability-Driven Absence Management: Moving Toward Maximum Productivity
This paper talks about employee engagement and the value of working. You'll learn why creating an environment that helps an employee stay or return to work is a win-win situation for everyone. See how this innovative approach is supported by employers.
Infographics with Impact: A Quick Fact Book for Recruiters & Job Seekers
Whether you're a recruiter or job seeker, it's important to get the facts about today's talent market. Key trends from mobile, social media, and career sites are influencing the way companies look for candidates--and the way candidates view their prospective employers. This eBook puts all the facts in one place.
A New Approach for Managing the Challenges of Healthcare Benefits
Get the guide that helps you understand effective Enterprise Healthcare Management.Call it Enterprise Healthcare Management (EHM) or just call it your day job, you're already involved in making your benefits programs the best they can be. But are you using the latest solutions to optimize your efforts?
Talent Management Blueprint: A Guide for Building a World-Class Workforce
Ever wondered what it takes to build a world-class workforce? Wonder no more. Download and dive into this amazing new best-practices eBook -- Talent Management Blueprint: A guide for building a world-class workforce.
Ethics: The Price of Admission in High-Performing Organizations
A framework for ethics within an organization requires HR to challenge longstanding customs. That means helping people translate the ethical realities of a company into cultural realities in which they live and work. Learn how HR can bridge the gap to prepare teams for ethical challenges.
Conquer 3 Big Problems Holding Back HR
Is your company missing the technology that gets you out of administrative headaches and into becoming a more strategic asset to the organization? "Technology: The Catalyst to Heroic HR Performance" will walk you through the problems -- and the solution to making better, faster decisions to grow your business.
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