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New Overtime Regulations Survival Guide
This eBook delves into the existing challenges surrounding overtime, what the new regulations mean and how your business could be affected, and your options for minimizing the financial impact of these changes.
Driving Strategic Value Through Workforce Analytics
ACA reporting requirements have forced employers to collect, consolidate, and aggregate population data with greater accuracy and detail than ever before. Learn how you can use workforce analytics to make strategic, data--driven decisions about your medical benefits and take a more proactive role in managing the ACA within your organization.
eBook: Discover 5 ways to transform the annual employee performance review
Research reveals that 70% of organizations believe their performance management programs are average or below average. Why the lack of confidence and what can be done? This eBook explores 5 ways you can take your performance management to the next level. Read More>>
The Who, How and Why of Onboarding
How do organizations define onboarding and how it fits into their overall strategy?
An employee's first few days are critically important and hold huge influence over their decision to stay with the company long term. Download this white paper to discover today's best practices for activating employees and transforming onboarding basics into a powerful engagement strategy.
eBook: Five essentials for driving the future of performance management
Ready or not, the work world is changing. Many organizations are making the switch from traditional performance processes to ongoing performance discussions -- but what does that look like? This eBook guides you through the five essentials of ongoing performance management, and gives tips on how to transition your performance strategy and process. Download eBook>>
Seeking Agility in Performance Management
Are companies moving to agile performance management?
While traditional reviews still reign as most popular, performance management change is on the way. Download this new report to learn highlights and results from a survey of over 200 HR leaders in this important area.
Reducing Turnover Starts with Hiring and Developing Great Leaders
While turnover can be difficult to fix, there are very clear ways to understand how it impacts your organization and what can be done to reduce it. Learn the three things that organizations who have "solved" this problem do differently -- and they all center on effective leadership.
Steer Your Business Through the Treacherous Waters of Overtime Expansion
The Dec. 1 compliance deadline for FLSA overtime expansion is mere weeks away. Because the new rule essentially doubles the required salary threshold for overtime exemption, it could have a significant impact on your business. Learn more about changes to overtime rules and their potential challenges in this white paper.
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