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Nervous About H-1B Results? Get the Comprehensive Guide to H-1B Alternatives!
The risk with cap season is even if you applied on time, you still don't know if your cases will be accepted. This guide gives you everything you need to know for 6 H-1B alternative visas, including who's eligible and easy to follow qualifying questions. Determine your alternatives today.
Are Your Employees Engaged?
Much has been said about employee engagement -- or the pervasive disengagement of the modern workforce -- yet organizations cannot control many of the factors that go into people's tendency to be engaged. Download a research report by HfS to understand what HR can do to reorient itself around enabling workforce productivity.
7 Steps to Creating an Effective Onboarding Process
Follow these 7 steps to creating a successful, automated new hire onboarding process. Learn how automation provides a systematic approach to integrating a new employee with a company, department and culture.
Ebook: How to Calculate the ROI of Recruiting
This step-by-step guide takes you through a series of cost questions. Then provides the formulas. Know your facts. Perfect to build a business case.
5 Ways to Engage Employees
Only 30 percent of North American workers are engaged with their work, Gallup reports. But employers know keeping employees invested is critical to business success. Make engagement more than a buzzword. Learn about five ways to keep employees' heads, and hearts, in the game.
The Ultimate Guide to Recruiting: Everything You Need to Know
Transform your hiring processes and tap mobile, social and emerging strategies, including: essentials for a strategic recruiting team; top ways to improve recruiting and sourcing; top tips to save costs and time; and checklists and case studies.
The Ultimate Guide to Onboarding: Ensure New Hires Engage and Thrive
Everything you need to know to ensure that new hires stay, engage, and thrive, including onboarding basics; essential components of the process; ways to measure return-on-investment (ROI); and ways to improve existing onboarding programs.
2014/15 ACA Health Reform Checklist for Small & Large Employers
Employers that provide health coverage to employees are responsible for complying with many of the provisions of the Affordable Care Act. Our 2014/15 checklists are designed to help small and large employers comply with the provisions taking effect in 2014 and beyond. ThinkHR's checklists outlines everything you need to know!
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