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Ultimate Guide to Performance: Everything You Need to Know
Align and Measure Employee Goals for Better Business Performance!
The Ultimate Guide to Performance provides the information needed to improve how companies manage and track employee performance, to ensure employees are aligned with the proper goals and objectives to increase business performance.
5 Characteristics of a Next-Generation Rewards and Recognition Program
How can organizations -- especially human resource teams -- implement a robust reward and recognition program built on proven, established principles that easily integrates with their existing HR solutions and workflows? In this paper, you'll learn how a next-generation reward and recognition solution can meet the organization's immediate needs and scale to accommodate program changes as the company grows.
Ultimate Guide to Recruiting
Everything You Need to Know to Transform Your Hiring Processes
Hiring the best talent requires the most innovative strategies -- make sure you have the roadmap! This guide includes essentials for a strategic recruiting team, ways to improve recruiting and sourcing, top tips to save costs and time, case studies and more.
Calculating the ROI of a Recruiting Technology Solution
Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Arrive at Estimated Savings
How do you justify an investment in recruiting technology? This short step-by-step guide takes you through a series of cost questions and then provides the formulas. If you haven't already used the interactive Recruiting ROI calculator, you'll find a link to that smart tool as well.
What Employees Want: Overlooked Insights in Employee Engagement
Do you know what your employees really want? You can, and it pays to find out. But, you may have to look beyond survey results to learn what really drives engagement. This white paper will help you understand the importance of engaged employees and provide actionable insights to drive employee retention and satisfaction.
eBook: How to Excel at Goal Management
Effective goal management is a key component of high--impact performance management in organizations. This eBook contains detailed goal management best--practices that every organization should follow. Learn how to ensure the success of your 2016 goal management strategy. Click below to download this valuable eBook now.
How to Stay Ahead of the Top 10 Employment Challenges of 2016
A number of hot issues and emerging challenges will take employers by storm in 2016. From providing paid sick leave and equal opportunity to extending equal rights and benefits to same-sex partners, these new laws and trends will have a substantial impact on the workplace including the bottom line and business operations. Ensure your business stays ahead of these challenges--download this report today.
Ultimate Guide to Onboarding
Make Sure New Hires Stay, Engage and Thrive
Everything you need to know about transforming new hires into engaged employees -- which leads to employee commitment and accomplishment. In this essential guide, you'll learn about onboarding basics, ways to improve existing programs, critical elements for success and more!
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