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Ultimate Guide to Onboarding Portals
Most companies spend a lot of resources perfecting their websites. They use the latest technology to create rich customer experiences, but often overlook another valuable digital presence: their onboarding portals. This eBook provides best practices that take onboarding to a new level, and looks at the best portals around.
Calculating the ROI of an Onboarding Technology Solution
How do you justify an investment in onboarding technology? This short step-by-step guide takes you through a series of cost questions and then provides the formulas. If you haven't already used the interactive Onboarding ROI calculator, you'll find a link to that smart tool as well.
Recognizing and Rewarding Millennials Takes a Different Approach
Employing multiple generations can be tough, even for the most experienced managers and HR professionals. Every new generation brings new challenges. Learn how to use recognition and rewards to help the next generation succeed.
How to Create a Comp Budget
Read this new whitepaper on compensation budgeting and learn: the 4 critical elements of comp design, identifying and overcoming pay inequities, how to calculate raises.
Improving Access to HR Documents while Maintaining Security and Compliance
With ever--expanding HR responsibilities, controlling content is essential for many HR functions, including onboarding/off-boarding, benefits, employee file management and policies and procedures. In this whitepaper by Human Resource Executive, 'Controlling Content: An Ongoing HR Challenge,' we explore how eliminating paper and automating manual HR processes allows organizations to: ensure the security of files and data while supporting compliance efforts, provide instant access to employee documents, improve HR's level of service to employees.
Engaging employees to drive the business
As HR professionals, you all know how critical people are to business success. What is more elusive for many of us is how to unlock the true potential of our people. Learn how IBM is cultivating an engaging culture that is aligned with business strategy, enabling their employees to increase their efficiency, productivity and agility.
A New Approach for Managing the Challenges of Healthcare Benefits
Get the guide that helps you understand effective Enterprise Healthcare Management. Call it Enterprise Healthcare Management (EHM) or just call it your day job, you're already involved in making your benefits programs the best they can be. But are you using the latest solutions to optimize your efforts?
HR as the Cultivator of Organizational Paradoxes
HR professionals are challenged by new organizational paradoxes as business challenges grow more challenging and complex. Simultaneous challenges associated with need for both change and stability is one of several paradoxes that HR professionals face every day in their efforts to create and support productive workforces. Business, talent and analytical paradoxes represent sources of tension as well as opportunities for growth.
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