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Learn how to partner with the C-suite for measurable results
Download this whitepaper to uncover 5 common barriers that may still be hindering your ability to serve in a strategic role and learn how you can reposition yourself, and the HR function in your organization, as a trusted strategic partner.
5 Steps to Get Started with Social Recruiting
Social recruiting has gone from newfangled trend to normal activity, with 93% of recruiters currently using or planning to use social networks as part of their recruiting efforts. But what if you're one of the 7% who doesn't have it on your radar? Or you're one of the ones with plans to get started--but you have no real idea how?
Ultimate Guide to Onboarding: Everything You Need to Start New Hires Off Right
New hires are expensive. Make sure they stay. Great onboarding takes enthusiastic new hires and rapidly engages and connects them to the life of the organization. The Guide explains onboarding basics; essential components of the process; ways to measure return on investment (ROI); and ways to improve existing onboarding programs.
Ultimate Buyer's Guide to Talent Management Suites
Evaluating integrated talent management software suites? Get a strategic perspective on automating the entire employee lifecycle -- from talent acquisition to talent development and the data that runs them. This step-by-step reference takes you from "not sure" to "business case" to "final choice."
The Ultimate Guide to Employee Engagement
It's a new transparent landscape and underestimating the importance of employee engagement is a serious risk to recruiting and retention, productivity, competitive position, and profits. Learn what tools and techniques can keep those mobile individuals "connected" to the culture and their co-workers for better business results.
Ultimate Guide to Strategy for HR Leaders
It's time for action and new ideas that can strengthen HR's contributions to business success and clarify those contributions to others. This Guide points the way with action steps to align HR with business success; tips for metrics and reporting; and case studies on how others have succeeded.
How Much is Back Pain Costing Your Company?
Nearly one in four employees report experiencing lower back pain (LBP). This epidemic has taken a toll not just on the health and lives of workers, but on the companies and organizations for which they work. Given the extremely high incidence of LBP, it is little wonder that it is one of the greatest contributors to medical costs. As great as the medical costs of LBP are, though, the productivity costs are even greater.
Recognizing and Rewarding Millennials Takes a Different Approach
Employing multiple generations can be tough, even for the most experienced managers and HR professionals. Every new generation brings new challenges. Learn how to use recognition and rewards to help the next generation succeed.
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