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HR Value Creation and the Impact of HR Competencies and Department Activities
The most recent HR Competency Study (HRCS) explores the major drivers of success for HR professionals and HR teams or departments. The surprising results shed light on new ways HR can help organizations thrive in complex business environments.
A Complete Guide to Best Practices for Onboarding New Employees
How you onboard new employees can have a significant impact on employee and organizational success. You not only have to make a great first impression -- you also need to lay the foundation for a strong, lasting and productive working relationship. In this eBook, you'll find the research, best practices, and resources that can help your organization be brilliant at onboarding. Download now.
Break Through the Noise: Effective Communication Starts Here
Open enrollment goes by in a flash. Do you have a plan for continuing to educate your talent on how to get the most from the stellar benefits you offer? Make sure the real value of your benefits is getting through. Learn how to break through the noise and start communicating more effectively -- download the guide now!
Talent Acquisition Analyst Report: iCIMS Leads the Pack
The full report outlines: changes going on within the candidate marketplace and how they are effecting recruiting techniques, the importance of incorporating branding, recruiting and onboarding into your talent acquisition strategy, why iCIMS is ranked highest in recruitment marketing and market presence
How to Leverage Your HRIS in Rewards and Recognition
Many organizations already have the tools in place with their current human resources information system (HRIS) to support rewards and recognition programs. You've invested time and money in a system, so why not leverage it? Learn how a modern system that leverages your existing HRIS and puts people first can help you reach a higher level of engagement and motivation.
Calculating the ROI of an Employee Performance Management Solution
A Step-by-Step Guide to Help You Understand the Value of Performance. How do you justify an investment in performance management technology? This short step-by-step guide takes you through a series of cost questions and then provides the formulas. If you haven't already used the interactive Performance ROI calculator, you'll find a link to that smart tool as well.
Ultimate Guide to Performance: Everything You Need to Know
Align and Measure Employee Goals for Better Business Performance! The Ultimate Guide to Performance provides the information needed to improve how companies manage and track employee performance, to ensure employees are aligned with the proper goals and objectives to increase business performance.
Ultimate Guide to Strategy for HR Leaders
It's time for action and new ideas that can strengthen HR's contributions to business success and clarify those contributions to others. This guide points the way with action steps to align HR with business success, tips for metrics and reporting, case studies and more!
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