Wellness White Papers/Case Studies


Measuring Wellbeing Analytics' Impact
HR leaders have long understood the linkage between healthier employees and critical business outcomes such as productivity, engagement and retention, but the proof has historically been qualitative. When it comes to organizational health, they've been forced to ponder: Does wellbeing really matter?
5 Characteristics of a Next-Generation Rewards and Recognition Program
How can organizations -- especially human resource teams -- implement a robust reward and recognition program built on proven, established principles that easily integrates with their existing HR solutions and workflows? In this paper, you'll learn how a next-generation reward and recognition solution can meet the organization's immediate needs and scale to accommodate program changes as the company grows.
How to Leverage Your HRIS in Rewards and Recognition
Many organizations already have the tools in place with their current human resources information system (HRIS) to support rewards and recognition programs. You've invested time and money in a system, so why not leverage it? Learn how a modern system that leverages your existing HRIS and puts people first can help you reach a higher level of engagement and motivation.
How Much is Back Pain Costing Your Company?
Nearly one in four employees report experiencing lower back pain (LBP). This epidemic has taken a toll not just on the health and lives of workers, but on the companies and organizations for which they work. Given the extremely high incidence of LBP, it is little wonder that it is one of the greatest contributors to medical costs. As great as the medical costs of LBP are, though, the productivity costs are even greater.
Employee Engagement: Putting Employees in Control
The first night you were out on your own and behind the wheel as a teenager was nerve-wracking for your parents, but guess what: You came home safely and the car was still in mint condition. Employers have become paternalistic in their efforts to control population health. But these days, people are taking control of their own healthy behaviors. And they're doing it for themselves, not for their boss or HR director. Employers need to learn to "hand over the keys" of wellness to their employees for maximum results, understanding that individuals are ready to handle their own health decisions.