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The Candidate Experience: Creating a Better Experience for Job Applicants


Date: August 25, 2015

Time: 2:30 p.m. ET


As the economy continues to improve and voluntary turnover inevitably increases, the way most employers find employees—and, more importantly, the way many employees find employers—has changed to reflect the transparent world we live in, resulting in a more candidate-driven labor market. Employers of all sizes are responding by assessing their employment brands and, in many cases, embarking on a journey to reinvent themselves and strengthen their ability to attract and retain top talent. But why is it so hard for some employers to keep potential candidates interested, on their “hook,” so to speak? 

While there are no simple answers, many employers have begun focusing heavily on fostering better candidate experiences. From early talent attraction through the completion of onboarding activities, employers should consider the needs and desires of the talent they seek, especially those organizations whose candidates are also potential consumers. During this webinar, Robin Erickson will examine the potential value of the candidate experience as it relates to your organization’s total talent strategy and explore ways that organizations can drive programmatic efficiency throughout the entire process. 

Topics covered will include: 

• Components of an effective candidate experience strategy; 

• Ways to differentiate your approach to engaging various candidate audiences; 

• Opportunities to leverage business leaders for each step of the candidate journey; and 

• Lessons from the front line of organizations that are optimizing efforts. 

About the Presenter: Robin Erickson, Ph.D., directs Bersin by Deloitte’s talent acquisition research practice, where she applies her expertise and experience to her consulting work on talent and human capital. She led Deloitte’s global Talent 2020 longitudinal survey series and has authored several Deloitte publications, including The Talent Paradox and Where Did Our Employees Go? With more than 19 years in consulting, Robin has broad experience in talent strategy, retention improvement, workforce planning, organization design, mass career customization, diversity and inclusion, leadership alignment, change management, culture assessment, workforce transition, project management and facilitation. 

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