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 Leveraging HR Technology to Transform Talent Management




Date: May 17, 2016

Time: 2:30 p.m. ET


Each year, Sierra-Cedar conducts the longest-running HR systems survey in the industry, tracking the adoption plans, deployment approaches and outcomes achieved from today's HR technologies. Join the firm’s Stacey Harris and Erin Spencer of Sierra-Cedar as they share insights on HR-technology transformations and strategies gathered from more than 1,200 organizations around the world. Trends predict that 2016 will herald a new era for HR technology, one that is cloud-based, mobile-enabled and data-driven. Organizations that take advantage of these new capabilities will be better prepared to engage tomorrow’s workforce and achieve desired organizational outcomes.

No two organizations are exactly alike—yet traditional technology best practices often assume they all share factors in culture, size or makeup. This year, Sierra-Cedar decided to look deeper into its annual Sierra-Cedar HR Systems Survey findings to identify three types of organizations based on specific practices and approaches to business: top performing, data-driven and talent-driven organizations. This webinar will explore how these organization types are transforming their technologies, and will also discuss broader themes in HR technology transformations and their impact on businesses’ talent-management practices and outcomes.

During this webinar, Harris and Spencer will discuss these forward-looking HR technology topics:

·         How are organizations moving to a modern HR-technology environment?

·         How are HR-service-delivery models evolving?

·         What does the future look like for data-driven, talent-driven and performance-driven organizations?

·         What do wearables, rewards and engagement have to do with HR technology of the future?


Please join us for this transformative event!

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