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Build a Performance Management program people won't hate
A step-by-step guide to best practices
Performance Management is about ensuring employees get the feedback and development they need to succeed. But how do you get started building a Performance Management program people will love? Our Performance Management Guidebook has everything you need to get support, design the program, and roll it out to your organization.
Discover a better way to manage performance with this detailed workbook
Unhappy with your current annual performance management program, but having trouble creating a more effective, streamlined process? This workbook can help. The Performance management 101 HR workbook is a compilation of best-practice resources and templates to help your managers and employees experience a new and improved performance management process. Download Now.
Steer Your Business Through the Treacherous Waters of Overtime Expansion
The Dec. 1 compliance deadline for FLSA overtime expansion is mere weeks away. Because the new rule essentially doubles the required salary threshold for overtime exemption, it could have a significant impact on your business. Learn more about changes to overtime rules and their potential challenges in this white paper.
Reducing Turnover Starts with Hiring and Developing Great Leaders
While turnover can be difficult to fix, there are very clear ways to understand how it impacts your organization and what can be done to reduce it. Learn the three things that organizations who have "solved" this problem do differently -- and they all center on effective leadership.
eBook: Five essentials for driving the future of performance management
Ready or not, the work world is changing. Many organizations are making the switch from traditional performance processes to ongoing performance discussions -- but what does that look like? This eBook guides you through the five essentials of ongoing performance management, and gives tips on how to transition your performance strategy and process. Download eBook>>
The Disappearing Act: Why Millennials Leave Companies
Did you know 60% of millennials leave their company in less than three years? Now that millennials are the largest generation in the U.S. workforce, it's more important than ever for companies to figure out how to engage and retain them. Download this white paper for strategies to retain millennials.
The Future of HR: Will You Be Ready, Willing and Able to Lead?
The business environments of today and tomorrow require human resource professionals with holistic perspectives on organizational framework and culture. Today's HR leader must own the design, build and execution of an organization's leadership framework and leadership brand.
HR Value Creation and the Impact of HR Competencies and Department Activities
The most recent HR Competency Study (HRCS) explores the major drivers of success for HR professionals and HR teams or departments. The surprising results shed light on new ways HR can help organizations thrive in complex business environments.
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