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Four Tips to Raise Your Leadership Bar
A new study finds more than half of executives worldwide agree that problems with talent and skills are affecting business performance. In other words, a company's level of revenue growth is affected by how well -- or poorly -- they are developing their leaders.
Building Stress Resistance
With the holiday season upon us, experts suggest mindfulness and "resiliency" training can help employees better manage the attendant stress.
Confronting Off-site Harassment
Sexual harassment may occur more often in blue-collar environments and in off-site locations where HR enforcement may not be visible, but experts say the more proactive HR is in enforcing sexual-harassment policies and quickly following through on complaints, the better.
'Sex and the Office'
A UCLA researcher and author offers an all-new premise behind why women aren't getting ahead -- that the men who could be helping them fear their own discriminatory foibles, a problem she says is exacerbated by current-day harassment training.
Managing Mobility Programs
A new survey finds few companies believe their global-mobility practice is world-class. The experts weigh in on what it takes to achieve such status.
Addressing Internal Competition
While some companies seem to thrive on internal (employee-to-employee and/or department-to-department) competition, others seem to do much better with a focus on collaboration. Which approach makes more sense? The answer is not a simple one.
Confronting the Skilled-Worker Shortage
There is no question that there is a shortage of skilled workers in the United States. What may be less well known is that this shortage covers multiple professions in many industries and has several causes, meaning that there is no single "cookie-cutter" solution.
Practice Makes Perfect
New research finds two-thirds of first-time leaders feel unprepared for their job, and experts say HR has a pivotal role in preparing the next generation of an organization's talent.
Reading the Signs on Upskilling
American companies today employ 24 million workers whose literacy skills are inadequate to meet emerging talent challenges. Experts discuss ways HR can help in educational efforts to ensure future workforce needs are met.
Four Keys to High-Performance Succession Management
Most organizations have not identified and purposefully developed an internal bench of talent that will enable sustained high-market performance in the future, but the good news is that this situation is reversible.
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Talent Management Column

Whenever the topic of getting rid of performance appraisals pops up in a gathering of business people, the strongest objections to change seem to come from HR people. They should start quieting those objections.