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Confronting the Skilled-Worker Shortage
There is no question that there is a shortage of skilled workers in the United States. What may be less well known is that this shortage covers multiple professions in many industries and has several causes, meaning that there is no single "cookie-cutter" solution.
Practice Makes Perfect
New research finds two-thirds of first-time leaders feel unprepared for their job, and experts say HR has a pivotal role in preparing the next generation of an organization's talent.
Reading the Signs on Upskilling
American companies today employ 24 million workers whose literacy skills are inadequate to meet emerging talent challenges. Experts discuss ways HR can help in educational efforts to ensure future workforce needs are met.
Four Keys to High-Performance Succession Management
Most organizations have not identified and purposefully developed an internal bench of talent that will enable sustained high-market performance in the future, but the good news is that this situation is reversible.
The Future of Work
Here is a four-point checklist executives across the company can use to develop winning workforce strategies in an era in which the only constant is change.
Creating a Culture of Leadership Accountability
Learn how HR leaders can develop and maintain internal systems that can detect ineffective leadership before the damage has been done.
Free Community College: HR Boon or Bust?
While President Obama's recent proposal to make community college education free for some students was warmly received in some quarters, experts take a look at some of the HR challenges such a proposal would create for organizations.
Going(Globally) Mobile
Despite a growing need for globally mobile employees, a new survey finds almost half of companies do not have a strategy in place for addressing this need. Experts offer a few tips on how HR leaders can help get one up and running at their organizations.
Creating Effective Hi-Po Programs
While a high-potential program can be an effective tool for use in an organization's succession- and workforce-planning efforts, a new survey finds less than half of organizations actually have one.
Innovations in Mobile Learning
Having an effective mobile learning strategy does not include simply repurposing existing content, say experts.
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Talent Management Column

There are two primary reasons behind why so many people dislike HR -- and neither has anything to do with whether the profession is doing a good or bad job.