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Enabling Better Business Transformation
Organizations must to find new ways to enable employees to gain valuable skills, while employee learning and development must be reimagined and redefined so employees can drive their own careers and development.
Building a Culture of Mobility
A recent i4cp study identifies the practices and approaches high-performing organizations are applying to get the most out of their talent-mobility efforts.
Unlocking Leaders' True Potential
New research finds many business leaders feeling their organization could do more to help them pursue their motivations and goals. Are you doing enough to help executives flourish?
Prepared for the Worst
As unsettling as it may be to fathom, the threat of active shooters is a reality of the workplace. Tools and resources are available, however, to help employers be better equipped for the unthinkable.
'Working in the Dark'
New research finds many organizations are not keeping a close eye on the training their frontline workers receive, and experts say that lack of oversight could come back to haunt them.
On Your Mark, Get Set, Hire!
A glimpse into the world's most massive recruiting effort behind the Olympic Games -- in this case, the upcoming mega-event in Rio de Janeiro.
The Quality-of-Hire Quandary
LinkedIn research finds talent-acquisition managers saying quality of hire is still the best gauge of the recruiting function's performance. Relatively few companies, however, report being satisfied with how they measure this important metric.
Showing Them the Way
As the recruiting wars heat up, career frameworks are emerging as a potentially useful way for organizations to hold onto top performers while building talent from within.
Creating a Just Culture
While the topic of justice is a divisive issue these days, when it comes to the top factors American workers value most in a just company, there appears to be more consensus than division, according to new research.
Can Employee Training Lead to Higher Profits?
Does intensive internal training of employees lead to higher profits? In knowledge-based industries where the main asset is skilled professionals such as software engineers, the answer is yes, according to a research paper.
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Talent Management Column

A "fundamental attribution error" often leads HR leaders to assume that poor performers are just bad apples, because it is difficult to consider that circumstances might be contributing to their subpar performances.