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The Quality-of-Hire Quandary
LinkedIn research finds talent-acquisition managers saying quality of hire is still the best gauge of the recruiting function's performance. Relatively few companies, however, report being satisfied with how they measure this important metric.
Showing Them the Way
As the recruiting wars heat up, career frameworks are emerging as a potentially useful way for organizations to hold onto top performers while building talent from within.
Creating a Just Culture
While the topic of justice is a divisive issue these days, when it comes to the top factors American workers value most in a just company, there appears to be more consensus than division, according to new research.
Can Employee Training Lead to Higher Profits?
Does intensive internal training of employees lead to higher profits? In knowledge-based industries where the main asset is skilled professionals such as software engineers, the answer is yes, according to a research paper.
Reimagining the Manager Role
New research finds only a third of surveyed workers expressing interest in managerial roles within their organization. Experts say HR needs to better understand the preferences and driving forces of different generations in their workforce in order to make the role a more appealing one.
Are You Losing at Leadership Development?
Recent research finds organizations are investing time and money in leadership development, but aren't getting the desired results. Why aren't more companies producing quality leaders, and what can HR do about it?
Four Tips to Raise Your Leadership Bar
A new study finds more than half of executives worldwide agree that problems with talent and skills are affecting business performance. In other words, a company's level of revenue growth is affected by how well -- or poorly -- they are developing their leaders.
Building Stress Resistance
With the holiday season upon us, experts suggest mindfulness and "resiliency" training can help employees better manage the attendant stress.
Confronting Off-site Harassment
Sexual harassment may occur more often in blue-collar environments and in off-site locations where HR enforcement may not be visible, but experts say the more proactive HR is in enforcing sexual-harassment policies and quickly following through on complaints, the better.
'Sex and the Office'
A UCLA researcher and author offers an all-new premise behind why women aren't getting ahead -- that the men who could be helping them fear their own discriminatory foibles, a problem she says is exacerbated by current-day harassment training.
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Talent Management Column

When there's something in your organization that everyone knows about, but no one is addressing, the fine line between "radical candor" and "being a jerk" can get awfully blurry.
Recognizing the Line Dec 28, 2015