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Who's in Charge of Career Development?
A recent study shows a disparity in worker versus manager perceptions regarding their roles in career planning. What can HR leaders do to help employees move forward more effectively in their careers?
For LMS, You'd Better Shop Around
It's not uncommon for organizations using learning-management systems to be unhappy with them, according to a new report. Experts say a company's purchasing process may largely determine its future LMS satisfaction.
Critical Yet Overlooked
Fundamental changes in many industries have led to a need for individual contributors who can also be effective team leaders, but new research suggests these workers are not getting the training they need.
Bridging the Leadership-Skills Gap
Competing business priorities have taken some focus away from leadership development at many organizations, just at a time when effective leadership is more crucial than ever.
Gray Matter(s)
New research offers a glimpse into the brain's responses to differing leadership styles, but before HR can use such information to affect positive change, executives must first embrace the concept.
The Many Uses of MOOCs
Massive open online courses present a cost-effective way for companies to provide their workers with training and development opportunities, but experts say there are also marketing and recruiting opportunities for HR leaders willing to pursue them.
Good Samaritan, Bad Policy?
Wal-Mart recently made news by firing -- then offering to rehire -- an employee who violated company policy while helping a woman being attacked on store property. While workplace violence policies are certainly necessary, employers may still want to consider circumstances and intent when disciplining employees who come to another's aid, experts say.
Americans Lag in Workplace Skills
American workers trail far behind global standards in some modern workplace skills, such as basic math and the ability to work with technology, according to a new international survey. Some experts believe the shift reflects shortfalls in the U.S. education system.
CEOs Need -- and Want -- More Coaching
Poll reveals that only one-third of CEOs currently receive coaching, while the rest all expressed a willingness to work with a coach.
Solving Challenges, Predicting Outcomes
Proper usage of workforce-planning tools can lead to a better understanding of the relationship between work teams and the outcomes they commit to achieve.
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Talent Management Column

While HR struggles to capitalize on the potential of big data, other departments such as IT are already finding business value within the numbers -- and conveying that information directly to the powers that be.