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Screening's Sorry State
New research finds that most HR professionals lack confidence in their organizations' processes for screening entry-level hires.
The Retention Connection
Some companies have retooled their onboarding programs to build a stronger connection between new hires and the organization.
Facebook's Bold Move
With its new job-posting service, the social-networking giant moves into territory that's been dominated by LinkedIn. Will it succeed?
Salary-History Bans Expanding
Philadelphia and Pittsburgh just became the latest U.S. cities to ban employers from asking job applicants about their salary histories. Experts weigh in on the impact of such bans on employers and pay equality.
The Language of Job Listings
A recent analysis finds job listings for many of the fastest-growing roles and industries use predominantly "female" language that deters men from applying and thus limits the candidate pool. What can HR do to prevent gender bias -- conscious or unconscious -- in job descriptions?
Curtailing Credit Checks
A bill being considered by the D.C. Council Judiciary Committee would largely prohibit employers in the nation's capital from checking job applicants' credit histories. Experts predict we'll see similar legislation in other cities, but no movement at the federal level.
Global-Local: Sourcing Global Talent
When it comes to scouring the globe for talent, it's vital to consider both the benefits of a comprehensive global screening policy and the best practices that come along with developing those policies.
3 Ways to Keep Pace as Boomers Retire
Baby-boomer retirement has changed the face of the American workforce. And as aging employees retire -- more and more of them every day -- someone needs to fill their shoes. What is your organization doing to ensure the right people are being prepared to take their place?
Wld U Like 2 Wrk Here?
Texting is becoming an important part of the recruiting process. However, companies must be aware of potential legal issues.
'Fit' to Hire?
The dating site eHarmony is the latest vendor to enter the hiring arena, with a platform designed to match jobseekers with companies whose cultures best align with their personalities and values. But critics say it can potentially undermine workforce diversity, experience and other factors.
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The short answer is no, but the reason the question is interesting -- and that so many people are raising it -- seems to be because they view HR as the police department of companies.
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