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Interviews From Hell
As a journalist who has written for both a glossy national magazine and a small-town daily local newspaper, I'm no stranger to a difficult interview. In fact, I have found that difficult interviews can sometimes uncover the most compelling information.
The Criminal-Background Catch-22
Though employers have had a few months now to become familiar with the U.S. Equal Employment Occupation Commission's guidance on the use of criminal background checks, questions and confusion about how best to respond have only grown.
Man-Cession to Man-Covery: The Update
A spot of good news -- for men, at least -- coming from Challenger, Gray & Christmas. According to the Chicago-based provider of executive outplacement services, the man-cession, as it has been called by some, saw employment among men plummet by more than 5.2 million between November 2007 and December 2009.
Companies Not Ready for Recruiting
As the economy trends up, so too will companies' hiring and recruiting practices, but will they be poised and properly equipped to meet the demand?
Study: Business Clients Not Happy with HR
Years of across-the-board cuts during the recession and its aftermath have left companies' business-services departments -- such as IT, finance and procurement -- badly weakened in terms of talent and skills, says the latest HR Book of Numbers report from the Hackett Group. Even HR itself has not been spared in this regard, according to the report, titled "Cracks in the Foundation: Closing the Critical Skills Gap Undermining Business Capabilities."
Goodbye, Resume? Not so Fast, Experts Say
The Internet -- along with the advent of social-media tools like LinkedIn -- have markedly changed the recruitment landscape. But the resume remains prominent for the vast majority of HR professionals and recruiters, experts say.
High-School Graduates Feel Ill-Equipped for Work
More and more high-school graduates who aren't attending college are feeling ill-equipped for the working world, according to a Rutgers University study.
Discrimination Ruling Puts Employers to the Test
Ability tests can be exceptional predictors of job performance for job applicants, but a recent settlement by the Department of Labor should spur employers to ensure that such tests do not adversely affect minority applicants, experts say.
Vetting at the Top
Recent ethical debacles underscore the need for closer scrutiny and screening when it comes to C-suite positions.
Rise Of the Middle Manager?
There used to be a time in America when the term "middle manager" was an aspirational position.
Does Big Data Matter?
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention look for what people search for on Google to spot outbreaks of diseases, says one expert, while people are using Twitter to accurately predict the opening box-office revenue for movies. Take a look at how Big Data is also changing the role of HR in employment screening, recruiting and building great companies.
Bringing Them Onboard
While most HR leaders would agree those first days on a job can make or break the overall employment experience, a recent study finds orientation program for new hires lacking.
Productivity Down, Hiring Up?
The consequences of an uneven recovery are continuing to make themselves evident. According to USA Today, recent government data that finds worker productivity fell by "the largest amount in a year" from January to March of this year.
Racial Issues Should Never Be Part of Hiring
I took issue with the sidebar entitled "White Out" that ran with your March cover story, "The Feminization of HR." You quote Atul Shah, CEO and founder of Diverse Ethics, as saying that, if HR professionals are "not from a particular culture, they are unlikely to have that sensitivity and [cultural] intelligence [that is important for HR professionals to understand and appreciate]."
HR in a Turbulent EU
HR executives find themselves on the front line of economic and political upheaval in the Eurozone.
HR Has Always Been Female-Dominated
In reference to your March cover story, "The Feminization of HR," you must have had your head in the sand for the past 30 years. I am really astonished that HRE would publish a lead story like that when it is so obvious that the HR field is and, for the most part, has always been dominated by women. The only major change in the last 20 years is that women have started to dominate the top-level positions. And since this writing, I would guess that they dominate top spots today. 
The Case for Killing Performance Reviews
Appraisals destroy morale, guarantee dishonesty in the office -- and damage the bottom line, writes a straight-talking management guru and UCLA professor.

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