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Do Job Seekers 'Like' Facebook?
The answer may depend upon whom you ask. But experts indicate most job hunters still prefer to keep their personal and professional lives separate, and, at least for now, Facebook seems to remain more of a branding and informational tool for companies.
Cracking the Code on Military Resumes
Thanks to a wide range of varied experiences, extensive training and personal challenges, military veterans often make exceptional candidates in the private sector. Yet, due to HR's mistranslation of skill sets from the military to the civilian sector, they are often overlooked.
Finding the Workforce of Tomorrow
New research finds 50 percent of employers accepting applications from high school students for internships. Younger students naturally come to the workforce with less professional polish, but high schools can still be a rich talent source for employers and recruiters seeking interns, experts say.
Criminally Overlooked in the Job Market?
Research suggests recruiters find employed job seekers with criminal records more employable than candidates with clean records but no job. Experts recommend HR professionals take a close look at individual circumstances when considering unemployed applicants.
Recruiters and Their Headaches
What ails recruiters these days? Many say the technology they rely on is cumbersome and unhelpful.
Recruiting In the Age of Job-Hopping
Many companies are still playing catch-up when it comes to the growing trend of job hopping. Recent studies show that individuals change jobs or industries an average of 11 times within their professional lifetimes. Employers need to stay ahead of this curve to recruit and retain the best employees available.
University Recruiting and Relations 101
By Jill Cueni-Cohen
After more than three decades of wandering through the wilderness of American universities with little direction and even less insight, campus recruiting professionals now have access to a field guide of sorts.
An Untapped Source of Talent
The nation's manufacturers are suffering from talent shortages in key areas. Although women could fill many of those positions, a perception persists that the industry is not welcoming to them.
Hires' Remorse
Recent research finds half of new employees experiencing remorse after accepting a job offer, with many employers expressing similar regrets. Experts say hiring managers and HR must vet potential employees more thoroughly, and set and communicate realistic expectations to more consistently hit the mark with new hires.
The DOL's Disability-Hiring-Quota Plan
The HR Policy Association issues the latest salvo in the ongoing debate over a proposed rule that would require federal contractors to have employees with disabilities make up 7 percent of their workforces. Its support of a proposed bill requiring the DOL to meet the same standards it proposes through its OFCCP adds fuel to the already fiery discourse.

Talent Management Column

While HR struggles to capitalize on the potential of big data, other departments such as IT are already finding business value within the numbers -- and conveying that information directly to the powers that be.