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The 'Super Bowl' for Recruiters
Many large employers, including UPS and retailer Kohl's, are using a variety of novel tactics to recruit thousands of seasonal employees for the upcoming holiday-sales blitz, including a new focus on hiring veterans.
Joining the Social Conversation
Recent research shows job seekers value companies' input on employee-review sites and social networks. Experts say engaging in dialogues through these channels can help organizations manage their online reputation and solidify their employment brand -- if done carefully.
Lessons from Recruiting in Pharma
As companies face challenges related to competition for the best talent, recruitment strategies used by many pharma companies can have broader applications outside the industry, as well.
Social-Media Storytelling
Effective use of social-media tools to communicate an organization's corporate culture eludes almost half of all organizations that use them, according to a new survey.
Rise of the EQ Test
Emotional-intelligence assessments -- tests that measure our ability to use emotions as information, and reason about those feelings -- are becoming an increasingly common part of the hiring process.
Giving Job Postings the Boot
Online shoe retailer Zappos is ditching the traditional job-posting process in favor of a new online talent community, but will the new way gain enough traction to cause other organizations to follow in their footsteps?
The Hiring Advantage of High-Status Firms
New research from Wharton draws some interesting connections between the status rankings of firms and their hiring power in the labor market.
Can This Relationship Be Saved?
There's a noticeable disconnect between recruiters and hiring managers, according to a new industry survey. What can HR do to get the two sides back on the same page?
Improving the Mobile-Application Process
Almost half of all respondents in a recent survey of job seekers point to problems when applying for a job via a mobile device. How can HR help streamline the process to keep talent moving through the pipeline?
The Debate over Employee Mobility
When four Silicon Valley giants recently agreed to settle a lawsuit accusing them of conspiring to prevent the hiring of each other's employees, they avoided having to testify in court and risk a public glimpse into their strategies. Yet, the case has provoked a heated debate on the damage that no-poaching agreements cause.
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Talent Management Column

A new study suggests MBA students no longer have the freedom to try out careers, but must, instead, choose their directions early on -- and have industry and intern experience behind them.
Betting on Retention Dec 29, 2014