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The HR Roles That Matter Most
How can HR leaders ensure their units are meeting the strategic-talent needs of the organization and operating with an edge? The answer, according to one expert: Build a strong HR "top team" around four key roles.
How Emotion Can Help HR Win the Talent War
While all-out rationality may be a useful approach to conducting business or interacting with fellow employees, HR departments are starting to allow for a broader approach and actually tap emotion to attract talent.
Data vs. Discretion in Hiring
When it comes to relying on either hiring managers' judgement or pre-hiring assessments in making hiring decisions, new research gives a slight edge to the assessments. But experts say nothing can replace a collaborative relationship between recruiters and hiring managers.
Inside the Recruiter's Mind
From the declining importance of the cover letter to the rise of social media, talent-acquisition specialists weigh the varying elements of the hiring process differently. How can HR ensure everyone's on the same page?
Is Your Organization a "Best Place to Work" Too?
With several workplace awards and designations for companies to compete for, experts say organizations should only apply for ones that best meet their business goals and reflect the values of their organizational culture.
Developing Intellectual Diversity
New research finds a lack of intellectual diversity could be harming your organization, and experts say it is up to HR executives to increase the urgency around hiring this type of talent, who can bring unique and fresh perspectives to the organization.
Revisiting FCRA Requirements
A recent spate of class-action suits should remind employers and HR of the steep cost of FCRA violations. Experts say the time is right for employers to reassess their background-checking processes -- and the role staffing and consumer reporting agencies play in those processes.
Rewriting the Job Ad
New academic research finds that making a few minor changes to the wording of job ads to focus more on the upsides an employer could offer the candidate -- as opposed to specific job requirements -- may boost the number and quality of real-life job applicants.
The 'Super Bowl' for Recruiters
Many large employers, including UPS and retailer Kohl's, are using a variety of novel tactics to recruit thousands of seasonal employees for the upcoming holiday-sales blitz, including a new focus on hiring veterans.
Joining the Social Conversation
Recent research shows job seekers value companies' input on employee-review sites and social networks. Experts say engaging in dialogues through these channels can help organizations manage their online reputation and solidify their employment brand -- if done carefully.
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Talent Management Column

When there's something in your organization that everyone knows about, but no one is addressing, the fine line between "radical candor" and "being a jerk" can get awfully blurry.
Recognizing the Line Dec 28, 2015