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Alternative Approaches
While competitive base pay may play an important role in recruiting candidates, a new survey shows more companies are planning to boost their reliance on alternative rewards to bolster their offers.
Building an HR Analytics Team
As companies work to assemble in-house HR analytics teams that deliver actionable results, experts say having the right blend of data scientists with clearly defined roles is essential.
Does Gamification Work?
The world's experts on gamification will tell you that everything about this fledgling field -- even the very definition (loosely, the application of game elements to non-game situations) -- is still up for grabs. And what succeeds at one company won't necessarily succeed at another.
The Ramifications of Stacked Rankings
A new lawsuit claims that Yahoo's performance review system violates California and federal laws. What lessons can other employers and HR leaders learn from this case?
Fostering Feedback
Organizations need candid feedback, yet it's often not supplied as frequently as needed to make solid business decisions. Two experts discuss ways companies can improve their employee-feedback programs.
A Top-10 List for 2016 Say-on-Pay Preparation
As say-on-pay enters its sixth year as a mandatory ballot item on U.S. company proxy statements, there are fewer failed votes, but the challenges continue. Here are 10 points to consider before the next round of voting begins.
Performance Management Without the Numbers?
What happens when companies drop their traditional employee-ratings systems in favor of more interactive models? Despite a lack of hard data so far, the results of taking this path seem to be well-received, for the most part.
Parsing the Job-Engagement Paradox
Employees are committed for now, but many of them would happily move on tomorrow. Employers face a loss of key talent, and the threat of being left with too many disaffected workers who can drain productivity and morale.
Performance Management Needs to Be Disrupted
Performance management needs to be re-thought across three key elements that impact both an organization's programmatic and technology choices.
Retaining Senior Managers
New research shows that senior managers are overlooked when it comes to retention efforts. Experts weigh in on ways to keep top talent engaged and in place.
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Talent Management Column

Approximately 15 percent of people who are in the current labor force are working under an alternative arrangement, as opposed to "regular" employment. Does this mean there is a new normal in the working economy?