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EAP 2.0
Employee-assistance programs just aren't what they used to be -- and that's good news for both employers and workers.
Corporate Culture's Influence on Employee Evaluations
New research finds a workplace's culture can play an outsized role in how comfortable supervisors and co-workers are with providing accurate feedback -- both positive and negative. Experts offer tips for HR leaders on how best to create the right type of culture to ensure accurate and insightful reviews.
Optimizing Organizational Health
Here are five power practices that can help you run the place better--and boost your organization's overall health.
The Stay Interview
In a Q & A with HRE, the authors of a new book argue that stay interviews with current employees yield more helpful retention insight for organizations than exit interviews currently do.
Gender and the Global-Mobility Gap
Recent PwC data sees seven out of 10 women expressing an interest in working outside their home countries, but also finds just one in four expatriates is female. Why does this gap (still) exist, and what can be done about closing it?
Empowerment is Not a Matter of Noblesse Oblige
Employee empowerment is not something to be pulled out of a bag of motivational goodies like bonuses. Rather, it is a sense of assuredness that people feel as they do their jobs.
Thinking Differently on Engagement
With employee engagement named as a top concern for employers in a recent poll, experts suggest HR consider new ways of hiring and motivating employees.
Executive Brownout's Steep Slope
An executive coach shares his theory that a not-quite-burned-out executive -- suffering from what he calls brownout -- can wreak more havoc on a company than you might think.
Long Hours Lead to Lower Productivity
Research suggests employers that try and stretch workers' hours and squeeze every drop of work out of them may be shooting themselves in the foot in terms of worker output, safety and productivity.
Answering the Engagement Question
How can executives possibly improve engagement if they don't understand the internal process individuals go through to become engaged in the first place?
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Talent Management Column

The U.K. government's recent arguments for better treatment of workers are about as clear a manifesto for the importance of human resources as a function as one could imagine. Will it have a ripple effect on this side of the pond?