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How Employees Perceive Recognition
A recent survey finds that half of nearly 900 workers feel valued, but fewer employees feeling they're properly recognized for their efforts. Experts say HR leaders need to better communicate rewards to employees, and find ways to provide kudos that go beyond the financial.
Cutting the Tether
Better planning and being more respectful of employees' time may eliminate the need for them to stay in touch with the office via email outside of work hours -- although some employees actually prefer to remain in touch.
Teaching Creativity
Creativity may need the right conditions in order to flourish in an organization, but can it actually be taught?
Establishing a Credible
Employee-Engagement Survey
Why do employees carry such skepticism around the confidentiality and credibility of employer surveys? The fear of having your manager know how you answered questions and the feeling that nothing will change anyway are just two reasons.
Social-Media Storytelling
Effective use of social-media tools to communicate an organization's corporate culture eludes almost half of all organizations that use them, according to a new survey.
What Makes for an Engaging Leader?
Recent research suggests that leaders capable of engaging employees are ones who can, among other things, help them understand their role in helping the business meet its goals.
Discussing Development Plans
When dealing with an underperforming employee, a structured process can provide a framework that helps both the manager and employee walk through the necessary steps to increased engagement and productivity.
The 'New Normal' and Employee Engagement
While the federal pay freeze, sequestration and last year's shutdown have certainly taken their toll on federal employees' morale and engagement, there is still cause for optimism.
'Hacking' Engagement
A new study finds millennials are the least-engaged demographic in the workforce, and part of the problem is that millennials tend to expect more from work and their supervisors than previous generations did. What can HR do to help meet or modify their expectations?
A Closer Look at Creativity
New research suggests companies continue to struggle to translate creativity into business performance.
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Talent Management Column

While the idea that employers would co-invest in an employee's education is certainly not a new one, IBM has begun retraining its workers with an old-school -- and perhaps replicable -- approach.