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Measuring the Minimum-Wage Effect
New research from the University of Washington looks at the effects of Seattle's minimum-wage increase, and early results show that local prices have not risen as previously feared. Experts discuss how raising the minimum wage could affect businesses in other ways.
Enabling Better Business Transformation
Organizations must to find new ways to enable employees to gain valuable skills, while employee learning and development must be reimagined and redefined so employees can drive their own careers and development.
New OT Rule Poses Challenges
The new rule will boost the number of workers who qualify for overtime pay. But experts say its effects on employers remain uncertain.
Surprising Data on Hiring Bias
New research finds companies may be committing less racial bias in hiring than before, but some experts are skeptical about the results.
Making Health Incentives Work
Plenty of companies these days offer their employees monetary incentives to live healthier lives. So why aren't more of us getting healthier?
Building a Culture of Mobility
A recent i4cp study identifies the practices and approaches high-performing organizations are applying to get the most out of their talent-mobility efforts.
The Performance-Management Divide
A new global survey of 2,100 leaders and employees highlights the continued disparity between the number of organizations that want to move past traditional performance management and those that actually make the leap.
Reaching Record Levels
A trio of new surveys finds workers are more engaged than ever before, which some see as a sign that HR is getting better at embedding engagement principles into its overall strategy and strategic initiatives.
From Me to We
New research finds that "marking" or claiming ownership of an idea can stifle creativity within an organization. Experts say HR leaders must train managers to grant employees permission to express their candid views on everything from peer ideas to business problems and challenges.
How Layoffs Hurt Companies
Several decades' worth of research shows layoffs are a poor way to boost a company's profits. Experts discuss socially responsible ways of handling employment in light of the influence of financial markets on corporate decision-making.
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Employers may love the idea of an on-demand workforce, but as the labor market tightens and options for workers improve, it's going to get much more difficult to find anyone who wants to wait around to see if someone will give them work.