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Returning Talent
In the coming years, experts say retirees returning to the workplace will play a greater role as they live healthier and longer, grow more tech-savvy and become better equipped to work in a gig economy.
Is L&D Function Still Valuable?
The idea of elevating the learning-and-development function in a company may seem like an impossible task, but here are some ways to get started down that path.
The 'Glacial Pace' of Gender Parity
Advancing women up the corporate ladder, besides being the ethical thing to do, would boost the U.S. economy by $2.1 trillion, according to at least one expert. So why is it taking so long?
Global-Local: Sourcing Global Talent
When it comes to scouring the globe for talent, it's vital to consider both the benefits of a comprehensive global screening policy and the best practices that come along with developing those policies.
Complying with 'Name and Shame'
The Securities and Exchange Commission's CEO pay-ratio disclosure ruling is raising a host of HR-related concerns around unions, investor relations and employee communications.
Focusing on Temp Workers' Safety
With the U.S. staffing market set to grow to record sizes in the coming years, the industry is rolling out a major initiative aimed at boosting worker safety.
Study: Lack of Job Control Can Kill
Research from Indiana University sheds new light on the dangers of workplace stress -- namely, that at its worst, in jobs that are highly demanding with little employee control, it can be deadly. Experts suggest a few simple fixes.
Big Issues Surrounding Big Data
Big data now influences how organizations make hiring and other employment decisions, but experts warn that, as its scope and usage increase, so will the HR challenges involved.
Is the Gig Economy Shifting Gears?
New research suggests that many independent workers would prefer full-time jobs. That could mean slower growth in the so-called gig economy.
Millennials: Free Spirits -- or Workaholics?
New research suggests many millennial workers are afraid to take vacation -- even though they place a high value on work-life balance.
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Talent Management Column

Talent acquisition and rising quit rates are all the talk in HR circles these days. But in today's labor market, there's evidence that job hopping is actually declining and people are staying in their jobs longer. What's really going on?