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Digitizing the Candidate Experience
A better understanding of the needs of candidates -- through the use of current technology -- may lead organizations to a stronger supply of productive and loyal workers once they are hired.
Harnessing the 'Spillover' Effect
New research finds bottom-line benefits when organizations spend time carefully considering which employees should sit near each other. But experts warn that the "peer spillover" effect can also have negative consequences.
The Perils of After-Hours Email
While it may be part of the culture at some organizations for workers to respond to work emails after hours, the practice blurs the line on the work day and may also have harmful effects on employees, according to new research.
Top Talent Expects Top Tech
According to results from two global surveys, equipping employees with smart technology to better perform their jobs not only attracts top talent, but may also aid in retention efforts.
The Trouble with Diversity Training
New research finds mandatory diversity training sends the wrong message to employees. Instead, experts urge HR leaders to make such training voluntary, and to take different approaches such as integrating diversity-related content into existing programs.
3 Ways to Keep Pace as Boomers Retire
Baby-boomer retirement has changed the face of the American workforce. And as aging employees retire -- more and more of them every day -- someone needs to fill their shoes. What is your organization doing to ensure the right people are being prepared to take their place?
Wld U Like 2 Wrk Here?
Texting is becoming an important part of the recruiting process. However, companies must be aware of potential legal issues.
Bringing Out the Best in Teams
Specialized military units offer lessons on the importance of choosing and coaching team members, given the "complex and chaotic problem sets" found on both the battlefield and in the boardroom.
Changing the Channel
Former HR leader Fred Knowles left behind a career that included stops at Under Armour and Capital One and ended up making a sitcom starring Ed Asner.
Juggling Paternal Rights and Job Duties
A new report uncovers some challenges men face when trying to make use of their company's parental-leave policies. Experts say incentives and managerial training are powerful tools to get more male workers to make use of such leave programs.
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Efforts to improve job outcomes for felons released back into society have been mixed, and current legislative fixes seem to just create new problems.