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The Burden of
Unclear Expectations
Whenever change occurs in an organization, experts say HR needs to focus on setting and communicating realistic expectations to the workforce.
A Deeper Dive into the Pay Gap
Many HR professionals are trying to figure out if the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission's newly proposed revisions to its EEO-1 form are really justified or if they will simply turn out to be one gigantic administrative burden.
The HR Roles That Matter Most
How can HR leaders ensure their units are meeting the strategic-talent needs of the organization and operating with an edge? The answer, according to one expert: Build a strong HR "top team" around four key roles.
Banking on Executive-Team Diversity
While traditional research often measures diversity in demographic terms, one team of researchers took a different approach to considering diversity among company leaders and found that U.S. companies with more executive-team diversity made more for their investors over time.
Fostering Feedback
Organizations need candid feedback, yet it's often not supplied as frequently as needed to make solid business decisions. Two experts discuss ways companies can improve their employee-feedback programs.
An Employer Mandate for Wellness?
A recent ruling in an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission lawsuit now makes it possible for employers to tie employee participation in wellness programs to availability of healthcare coverage.
How Emotion Can Help HR Win the Talent War
While all-out rationality may be a useful approach to conducting business or interacting with fellow employees, HR departments are starting to allow for a broader approach and actually tap emotion to attract talent.
Healthy, Wealthy and Wise
Large employers report a collective desire to expand financial well-being programs in 2016, according to a new report. How can HR help both the company and its workforce get the most bang for its buck?
The Quality-of-Hire Quandary
LinkedIn research finds talent-acquisition managers saying quality of hire is still the best gauge of the recruiting function's performance. Relatively few companies, however, report being satisfied with how they measure this important metric.
Creating a Just Culture
While the topic of justice is a divisive issue these days, when it comes to the top factors American workers value most in a just company, there appears to be more consensus than division, according to new research.
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Talent Management Column

When there's something in your organization that everyone knows about, but no one is addressing, the fine line between "radical candor" and "being a jerk" can get awfully blurry.
Recognizing the Line Dec 28, 2015