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Building Stress Resistance
With the holiday season upon us, experts suggest mindfulness and "resiliency" training can help employees better manage the attendant stress.
Coping with Cancer
An increasing number of cancer patients are choosing to remain in the workplace. It's incumbent upon HR to ensure they have everything they need to remain productive during this difficult time.
A Missed Opportunity?
Some companies view their onboarding programs as a way to build strong and lasting relationships with new hires. But surveys suggest that most organizations struggle with the basics.
Retaining Senior Managers
New research shows that senior managers are overlooked when it comes to retention efforts. Experts weigh in on ways to keep top talent engaged and in place.
Formalizing Flexible-Work Policies
A new survey finds 67 percent of managers offer flexibility to employees at their own discretion, but experts say a formal company flex policy is needed to avoid workplace inequities. Does your organization need a formal flexible-work policy?
The Persistence of Gender Inequality
Despite widespread efforts intended to help women progress in the workplace, a new study finds few women aiming for the C-suite. What can HR do to turn the tide?
Got Talent? Tap Big Data to Keep It
Big data analytics can serve as an early warning system for when people may be tempted to head for the exits, enabling HR to better target retention efforts and save on recruiting costs.
Telecommuting, by the Numbers
While public sentiment about telecommuting tends to be largely positive, the science based on its ultimate outcomes shows a more complex picture of the policy as a tool that requires the right strategy for each organization.
Overcoming the Silent Epidemic
A healthy workforce is essential to creating a healthy business, and that means employers must make efforts to assist workers with mental illness in the workplace.
Time to Disrupt Succession Planning?
A conversation with the author of a new report on succession planning yields insights on what HR leaders need to be doing to ensure their organizations are prepared to fill future executive openings, such as including external candidates.
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Whenever the topic of getting rid of performance appraisals pops up in a gathering of business people, the strongest objections to change seem to come from HR people. They should start quieting those objections.