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Beware the Excluded Employee
Recent academic research provides some new -- and possibly troubling -- insights into what happens when employees feel excluded at work, such as acting in ways that may adversely affect an organization's bottom line.
Empowering Hi-Po Women
Despite evidence of a direct and positive link between women leaders and the financial performance of an organization, a new report finds they are not receiving key work experiences deemed necessary to gain entry into the C-suite. What can organizations can do to close the gender gap?
Cutting the Tether
Better planning and being more respectful of employees' time may eliminate the need for them to stay in touch with the office via email outside of work hours -- although some employees actually prefer to remain in touch.
Battling Bias in Flex-Work Arrangements
New academic research uncovers certain gender biases when it comes to flexible-work arrangements. Can HR level the playing field for workers struggling to strike that delicate balance between work and home?
Valuing Culture
A recent Glassdoor research report names top companies -- including tech firms Google and Twitter -- for culture and values. Experts say the list offers a host of good ideas for HR leaders to incorporate into their own organizations.
The Trouble with Talent Acquisition
When it comes to recruiting talent, a new survey highlights the rift between HR and hiring managers as one of the biggest challenges organizations face. Experts weigh in on ways to improve this relationship to add more productivity to the recruitment process.
HR's Top Earners
Who made last year's HR's Elite list -- and what did they take home?
Introducing Generation Z
The first definitive study on the next generation to enter the workforce -- those under 20 and still in school -- shows them more rooted in reality and more eager to work hard than their predecessors.
Fighting Workplace Violence
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration recently cracked down on two companies for violence in the workplace. Can your organization's violence-prevention program satisfy federal standards?
Incentivizing Leaders in a Crisis
Recent research suggests offering certain types of bonuses to executives during a rough patch for the business may boost the company's chances of surviving and thriving in the long run. The key to achieving the desired result, experts say, is in deferring payment until the company is back on more stable ground.
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Talent Management Column

While the idea that employers would co-invest in an employee's education is certainly not a new one, IBM has begun retraining its workers with an old-school -- and perhaps replicable -- approach.