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Fighting Workplace Violence
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration recently cracked down on two companies for violence in the workplace. Can your organization's violence-prevention program satisfy federal standards?
Incentivizing Leaders in a Crisis
Recent research suggests offering certain types of bonuses to executives during a rough patch for the business may boost the company's chances of surviving and thriving in the long run. The key to achieving the desired result, experts say, is in deferring payment until the company is back on more stable ground.
Social-Media Storytelling
Effective use of social-media tools to communicate an organization's corporate culture eludes almost half of all organizations that use them, according to a new survey.
Seeking Flexibility in the C-Suite
A new survey finds executives placing more value on work/life balance when making career decisions. While addressing the work/life issue can be difficult, HR must be careful to present a culture that's as competitive and challenging as it is progressive and accommodating.
Strong Global-Mobility Programs Start at Home
Global-mobility teams serve as advisors to human resources and the business, providing insight into new assignee scenarios, alternatives to traditional assignment approaches, cost modeling and compliance requirements.
Surfing toward Productivity?
New research on employees' Internet habits shows that non-work-related web surfing may actually be good for both their health and productivity.
Decoding the Tech-Job-Loss Reports
A new survey on the phenomenon of "de-skilling" -- or replacing humans with automation or robots -- as well as a new report detailing losses in the tech industry combine to paint a bleak picture of the state of hiring. But is it an accurate one?
Is Your Severance Policy Hurting Your Employer Brand?
Top candidates rely on the public perception of an employer's brand to help guide their decision making when it comes to choosing a job, yet the HR industry tends to focus on branding while recruiting and hiring, and not on the one process where it may matter even more: a reduction in force.
Trying Before Buying
Even as the number of temporary workers in the United States reaches near-record levels, experts say companies appear to be adding more rigor to the selection process for both temp and temp-to-hire positions.
Shining a Light on Self-Awareness
New research coming from Columbia Business School suggests many in your organization are in the dark as to how they're being viewed by others. According to experts, however, this does not present an insurmountable challenge.
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At least a couple of factors may be behind the emergence of unpredictable work schedules, a trend that's understandably taking a toll on today's sizable part-time workforce.
Project Mismanagement Jul 14, 2014