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Reaping a Return from Boomerangs
New academic research highlights some of the thinking -- and precautions -- involved in taking on returning employees, something experts say is a growing hiring trend.
Risky Business
A new survey finds more employers are using social media to weed out job candidates, and experts say those that do it are making a serious mistake.
Standing Up for Productivity
The next move toward affecting change in sedentary work environments could very well be the "stand-up" meeting, which new research shows may benefit collaboration and, indirectly, work performance.
Does Flextime Penalize Night Owls?
Though many studies and surveys show that flextime is among the most popular workplace flexibility programs -- and one that appears to drive productivity -- a new look at when an employee chooses to work reveals a potential bias toward early birds.
Telecommuting: Benefit or Accommodation?
While only 10 percent of U.S. employees currently work from home, one legal case making its way through the courts stands poised to force employers to rethink their telecommuting policies.
Is Employee Loyalty Dead?
A new survey finds a majority of employers have hired a "job-hopper," with nearly one-third saying they now expect workers to have shorter stays. While such applicants may raise red flags, experts advise HR professionals to look at the whole picture when evaluating them.
The Two-Wheel Commute
With a drastic rise over the past decade in the number of workers who use bicycles to commute to and from work, experts say there are a number of simple things HR leaders can do to keep that momentum building in their own organization.
Reflections on HR Certification vs. Competence
The Society for Human Resource Management's certification announcement raises a simple but important question: What is the role of certification (vs. competence) in the development of a field?
Study: CSR Encourages Better Customer Service
Experts say an organization's corporate social responsibility program is just one of many factors that can influence how an employee performs on the job, but it can be an invaluable one.
Cracking Down on Social-Media Misconduct
A new survey finds the number of companies disciplining employees for improper social-media use doubling in the last two years. Experts say now would be a good time to revisit and perhaps revamp social media policies to address the growing concern of inappropriate posts and shares on the job.
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Over the past few decades, organizations have moved toward much greater individual accountability and away from less functional, committee-based approaches when it comes to managing projects. While these new models certainly have their advantages, they also can easily be undermined.