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Overcoming the Silent Epidemic
A healthy workforce is essential to creating a healthy business, and that means employers must make efforts to assist workers with mental illness in the workplace.
Time to Disrupt Succession Planning?
A conversation with the author of a new report on succession planning yields insights on what HR leaders need to be doing to ensure their organizations are prepared to fill future executive openings, such as including external candidates.
The Big Disconnect
Fatigue can have a noticeable impact on the success or failure of change-management efforts, though a new study reveals a significant disparity between senior leaders and rank-and-file employees as to the part it plays within their respective organizations.
Should Hiring Be Based on Gut -- or Data?
It's a question a lot of companies would like better answers to, considering the critical importance of people to a business' success and the high costs associated with recruiting, onboarding, hiring and firing.
Elevating the ERP
Employee-referral programs often boost the odds of a successful job match, according to new research. So why don't more companies promote such programs?
Hiring High-Profile Candidates
There is no single button that an HR department head can push to learn what they need to know when it comes to vetting high-profile candidates. Indeed, resourcefulness, time and expertise are the "magic bullets" for performing a rigorous key-hire review.
'Sex and the Office'
A UCLA researcher and author offers an all-new premise behind why women aren't getting ahead -- that the men who could be helping them fear their own discriminatory foibles, a problem she says is exacerbated by current-day harassment training.
In Search of Better Sleep
Employers and vendors are becoming increasingly aware of the toll sleep deprivation takes on the workplace, and experts suggest making sleep improvement part of your overall wellness initiatives.
Background Screening for Big Hires
HR's role in the vetting process needs to go beyond criminal-record searches and perfunctory education and employment verification in order to proactively uncover the "good, bad and ugly" about a potential business leader.
Reconsidering Career Planning
Some manufacturing companies, concerned about looming skills shortages, are actively encouraging students and their parents to consider paths other than a four-year college degree. But they say more help from HR is needed.
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Talent Management Column

A new study on the effects of minimum-wage increases in the fast-food industry reveals differing effects on sustainability due to differing business models and levels of efficiency. So what effect does a wage hike have? It all depends.