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'Sex and the Office'
A UCLA researcher and author offers an all-new premise behind why women aren't getting ahead -- that the men who could be helping them fear their own discriminatory foibles, a problem she says is exacerbated by current-day harassment training.
In Search of Better Sleep
Employers and vendors are becoming increasingly aware of the toll sleep deprivation takes on the workplace, and experts suggest making sleep improvement part of your overall wellness initiatives.
Background Screening for Big Hires
HR's role in the vetting process needs to go beyond criminal-record searches and perfunctory education and employment verification in order to proactively uncover the "good, bad and ugly" about a potential business leader.
Reconsidering Career Planning
Some manufacturing companies, concerned about looming skills shortages, are actively encouraging students and their parents to consider paths other than a four-year college degree. But they say more help from HR is needed.
Addressing Internal Competition
While some companies seem to thrive on internal (employee-to-employee and/or department-to-department) competition, others seem to do much better with a focus on collaboration. Which approach makes more sense? The answer is not a simple one.
The Evolution of Employment
The co-authors of the new book titled Lead the Work: Navigating a World Beyond Employment discuss the evolution of employment and how HR professionals can prepare for what lies ahead.
Tech's Trouble with Diversity
One of the problems with diversity training in STEM fields is that it may actually elicit backlash that can lead to reductions in diversity in upper-management jobs, experts say.
Taking Your Time to Hire
Recent data finds the average time-to-hire nearly doubling since 2010. While companies must certainly do their due diligence, experts say there's a balance to be struck between being thorough and being efficient in the hiring process.
Developing Intellectual Diversity
New research finds a lack of intellectual diversity could be harming your organization, and experts say it is up to HR executives to increase the urgency around hiring this type of talent, who can bring unique and fresh perspectives to the organization.
The New Mr. Mom
A new survey finds more than half of young new fathers are taking advantage of their employers' parental-leave policies following the birth of a child, but experts say companies need to emphasize to both genders that there is no career disadvantage to making use of such programs.
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The U.K. government's recent arguments for better treatment of workers are about as clear a manifesto for the importance of human resources as a function as one could imagine. Will it have a ripple effect on this side of the pond?