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Facebook's Bold Move
With its new job-posting service, the social-networking giant moves into territory that's been dominated by LinkedIn. Will it succeed?
Why Isn't Employee Engagement Engaging Employees?
Despite good intentions, employee-engagement programs seem to be falling short of their promise, and end up engendering frustration and, far worse, cynicism among the workforce.
Hiring Freeze, Not HR 'Down Time'
A 90-day federal hiring freeze gives HR leaders an opportunity to focus on long-range missions, including succession planning, experts say.
The Trouble with CM Programs
A new report finds many employees feel the need to look outside their own organizations in order to advance their careers. Experts say HR needs to employ a more personal touch when discussing promotions and opportunities with workers.
Little Movement on Maternity Leave
New research shows the percentage of women taking maternity leave has stagnated over the past 20-plus years. What can HR do to get that number moving in the right direction?
Trends in Telecommuting
While the concept of telecommuting has seen its ebbs and flows, experts say the benefits to both employers and employees remain steady. But research finds there is a price to be paid for the ability to work from outside the office.
What Job Switchers Want
The most recent survey on what workers really want changes the discourse slightly, making the top reason for leaving a company the need to pursue a more challenging position or assignment.
Who Owns Innovation?
While recent surveys show a disconnect between employers and employees regarding innovation, experts say the onus is on both parties to drive creativity.
More Focus on Ethics, Less on Checklists
When it comes to business ethics, experts say HR leaders need to do a better job managing both employee behavior and their company's corporate culture, rather than simply relying on a check-the-box approach to the issue.
Meeting the New Minimum
More than half of U.S. states have increased their minimum-wage levels since last year. Experts discuss what effect such mandates might have on the greater labor market.
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The old days, when HR was actually seen as an advocate for employee interests, have essentially disappeared, and the profession now is facing its most serious challenge: justifying its existence by showing how its actions benefit shareholders.