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Getting Financially Fit
New research finds employers are stepping up to help workers become more financially savvy as they embrace the role they can play in helping to improve their workers' financial well-being.
How to Bully-proof the Workplace
In an interview with Knowledge@Wharton, the authors of a new book discuss ways organizations can start a conversation about -- and hopefully end -- workplace bullying.
Getting Schooled
Just as the increasingly sophisticated nature of many jobs makes education more important than ever, a recent survey finds that 41 percent of employers are sending current workers back to school to get advanced degrees, with some even offering to foot the tuition bill.
Revolutionize How Your Employees Learn
The 70:20:10 model for learning and development may be widely regarded, but many learning programs ignore its basic principles.
Making Unlimited Vacation Work
If work/life balance is as big a conundrum as ever, giving workers more control over vacation is often seen as a big part of the solution. Some employers are beginning to grant unlimited vacation and sick time, and the results are surprising.
Facebook's Bold Move
With its new job-posting service, the social-networking giant moves into territory that's been dominated by LinkedIn. Will it succeed?
Why Isn't Employee Engagement Engaging Employees?
Despite good intentions, employee-engagement programs seem to be falling short of their promise, and end up engendering frustration and, far worse, cynicism among the workforce.
Hiring Freeze, Not HR 'Down Time'
A 90-day federal hiring freeze gives HR leaders an opportunity to focus on long-range missions, including succession planning, experts say.
The Trouble with CM Programs
A new report finds many employees feel the need to look outside their own organizations in order to advance their careers. Experts say HR needs to employ a more personal touch when discussing promotions and opportunities with workers.
Little Movement on Maternity Leave
New research shows the percentage of women taking maternity leave has stagnated over the past 20-plus years. What can HR do to get that number moving in the right direction?
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Despite what you might hear from political pundits these days, the H1-B program isn't about immigration. It's about temporary workers, and a new study finds that bringing in foreign workers slows down the process through which the U.S. labor market adjusts to new demands.