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How HR Can Remain Relevant in the Freelance Economy
The strategic use of freelance talent will gain momentum as processes emerge to help organizations shop for workers with specific skill sets. Technology will make the transaction side of the equation frictionless, so where does that leave HR?
HR and the Search for Bias Blind Spots
New research finds we're not nearly as unbiased as we think we are, and experts say HR needs to improve at identifying bias blind spots within their own ranks in order to improve recruiting efforts.
Reduced-Load Work Arrangements
While the concepts of part-time work, flextime and telework have been around for decades, a new concept -- reduced-load work arrangements -- is gaining popularity among both employers and workers.
Great Expectations
Experts say HR processes need to be redesigned to better address the orientation of millennials, a segment of the workforce who sees work as being, first and foremost, about purpose.
Coaching Millennials on Health
New research finds millennials more open than other generations to having their managers play an active role in encouraging them to get healthy. How can HR make the most of this opportunity?
Goodbye Hierarchy, Hello Holacracy?
Zappos recently gained attention -- and lost some employees -- after implementing holacracy, a system that eliminates managers and distributes authority and decision making among self-organizing teams. Can this model work, and will it catch on elsewhere?
Retaining Recruiters
Recruiters are more satisfied with their careers than other professionals, according to new research, yet they're also more than twice as likely to be active job seekers. Experts weigh in on what it takes to keep recruiters happy in a job they already enjoy.
Corporate Culture's Influence on Employee Evaluations
New research finds a workplace's culture can play an outsized role in how comfortable supervisors and co-workers are with providing accurate feedback -- both positive and negative. Experts offer tips for HR leaders on how best to create the right type of culture to ensure accurate and insightful reviews.
Practice Makes Perfect
New research finds two-thirds of first-time leaders feel unprepared for their job, and experts say HR has a pivotal role in preparing the next generation of an organization's talent.
The Stay Interview
In a Q & A with HRE, the authors of a new book argue that stay interviews with current employees yield more helpful retention insight for organizations than exit interviews currently do.
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There are two primary reasons behind why so many people dislike HR -- and neither has anything to do with whether the profession is doing a good or bad job.