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The Flexibility Bias
A new study shows workplace bias against those who use flexible-work arrangements -- often for child-care needs -- may increase employee dissatisfaction even among those who don't have children. But can HR help to eradicate such bias within an organization?
Fostering a Culture of Compassion
Recent research finds that a culture of companionate love in the workplace reduces employees' withdrawal from work, among other positive outcomes.
Critiquing Critical-Talent Practices
A new survey finds less than half of companies notifying "critical" employees of their status as such. Regardless of whether high performers are informed of their status, experts say HR must step up its efforts in defining, identifying and nurturing the organization's critical talent.
To (Outside) Hire or Re-Hire
That is the question some employers are asking as the economy continues to improve and companies consider adding back to payroll. Both approaches have their advantages.
Get Well First
Research shows that ill employees who work their normal routines instead of taking care of their health may have a long-term negative impact on workforce productivity.
Games Job Seekers Play
In the United States and Israel, unemployed job seekers have to navigate two very different -- and flawed -- systems in their pursuit of work, according to researcher Ofer Sharone.
Managing Millennials
While it is misguided to expect a single millennial to speak for an entire generation, we thought it would be interesting to have a millennial address both some of the findings of a recent workplace survey and prevalent presumptions about the youngest working generation.
What's the Holdup with Hiring?
A recent Glassdoor poll finds the average interview process took close to 23 days in 2013, compared to approximately 12 days in 2009. While thoroughly vetting candidates is a must, experts say the risk of frustrating candidates and damaging the corporate brand increases greatly when the company drags its feet in filling positions -- or even if applicants perceive as much.
Downsizing's Impact on Diversity
A new study suggests downsizing by position or tenure can hurt managerial diversity, while performance-guided layoffs don't.
The Engagement Challenge for 2014
With surveys suggesting employees are feeling more confident in their ability to find a new job this year, HR must be prepared to do more to hold on to them.
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While HR struggles to capitalize on the potential of big data, other departments such as IT are already finding business value within the numbers -- and conveying that information directly to the powers that be.