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From Me to We
New research finds that "marking" or claiming ownership of an idea can stifle creativity within an organization. Experts say HR leaders must train managers to grant employees permission to express their candid views on everything from peer ideas to business problems and challenges.
How Layoffs Hurt Companies
Several decades' worth of research shows layoffs are a poor way to boost a company's profits. Wharton experts discuss socially responsible ways of handling employment in light of the influence of financial markets on corporate decision-making.
Unlocking Leaders' True Potential
New research finds many business leaders feeling their organization could do more to help them pursue their motivations and goals. Are you doing enough to help executives flourish?
Alternative Approaches
While competitive base pay may play an important role in recruiting candidates, a new survey shows more companies are planning to boost their reliance on alternative rewards to bolster their offers.
Nurturing Boomerang Employees
While nearly all HR managers recently surveyed said they would be glad to welcome back employees who had left on good terms, more than half of workers surveyed said it's unlikely they would apply for a job with a former employer. Where's the disconnect and how can HR repair it?
Behind the Numbers
When organizations fail to consider the employee implications of a merger or acquisition, experts say, they risk imperiling any positive gains made by the transaction.
Improving Absence Programs
Here are some innovative ways HR leaders can help their organizations improve the efficiency of absence programs in an effort to control costs.
Raising the Bar
A new survey reveals employers have ramped up their educational requirements. Is this simply proof of "education inflation" or do today's jobs truly require a higher level of education?
Paring Down the Interview Process
In recent years, surveys have found employers taking longer to fill open positions. New data from the Talent Board, however, finds many companies cutting down on the number of interviews they conduct before selecting a candidate. Are hiring processes about to pick up speed?
Familiar Challenges, Global Scale
HR processes have become fraught with peril as companies become increasingly global and managers are overseeing employees who hail from a number of different countries and cultures, with many of them working remotely.
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Talent Management Column

Approximately 15 percent of people who are in the current labor force are working under an alternative arrangement, as opposed to "regular" employment. Does this mean there is a new normal in the working economy?