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HR and the CEO-Pay Ratio Rule
After two years in development with extensive input from both critics and supporters, the CEO pay-ratio rule is set to go into effect in January 2017. Here's what HR leaders need to know beforehand.
Putting More Pay at Risk
New proposed rules from the SEC will require companies to adopt "clawback" policies for incentive-based executive compensation.
On Pay Equity
When it comes to compensation, Wharton experts say, companies are dealing with two key issues: pay inequity and the big gap between what senior executives earn versus average workers.
Honest Mistake or Risky Decision
After the recent announcement of a multi-million-dollar settlement involving the misclassification of workers, experts say HR needs to create effective processes to help ensure workers are appropriately classified.
A New Mind-Set for Executive Pay
Two recent studies focusing on incentive compensation shed light on the state of executive comp plans today--and what employers might want to do differently going forward.
Shareholders Focus on Pay Practices
Activist shareholders are calling on several large companies to focus on issues such as the pay gender gap and employee motivation.
HR and 'Radical Transparency'
More than half of HR executives surveyed want some form of salary transparency at their organization, but experts wonder whether it creates more problems than it is worth.
Raising the Wage Floor
Aetna made recent headlines by joining companies such as Gap, IKEA and Starbucks in notably increasing lower-income workers' salaries. Experts say it may be tempting to predict a trend is developing, but they don't foresee low-income employees receiving significant raises on a broad scale.
Filling the Pay Gap
While a new survey finds a majority of employees do not feel that employers are particularly interested in equitable compensation, some experts say gender-based pay inequality isn't quite as rampant in the workforce as many people perceive it to be.
Quieting the Pay-for-Performance Critics
New research on executive-compensation packages does not paint an especially pretty picture for many organizations, and experts say now is the time for HR leaders to be "talking their talk" with company leaders about aligning compensation to long-term value creation.
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Talent Management Column

The U.K. government's recent arguments for better treatment of workers are about as clear a manifesto for the importance of human resources as a function as one could imagine. Will it have a ripple effect on this side of the pond?