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Striving for Pay Transparency
Recent research finds roughly half of workers feeling they aren't paid fairly in relation to those in comparable jobs and a similar number of employers lacking processes to ensure fair compensation. Why the lack of clarity around pay, and what can HR do about it?
The 'Glacial Pace' of Gender Parity
Advancing women up the corporate ladder, besides being the ethical thing to do, would boost the U.S. economy by $2.1 trillion, according to at least one expert. So why is it taking so long?
OT Rule Overruled
A Texas judge's injunction effectively shuts down implementation and enforcement of President Obama's overtime rule until the government can win a countervailing order from an appeals court, which experts say is increasingly unlikely given the current political climate.
Complying with 'Name and Shame'
The Securities and Exchange Commission's CEO pay-ratio disclosure ruling is raising a host of HR-related concerns around unions, investor relations and employee communications.
Measuring the Minimum-Wage Effect
New research from the University of Washington looks at the effects of Seattle's minimum-wage increase, and early results show that local prices have not risen as previously feared. Experts discuss how raising the minimum wage could affect businesses in other ways.
New OT Rule Poses Challenges
The new rule will boost the number of workers who qualify for overtime pay. But experts say its effects on employers remain uncertain.
Alternative Approaches
While competitive base pay may play an important role in recruiting candidates, a new survey shows more companies are planning to boost their reliance on alternative rewards to bolster their offers.
Preparing for New Overtime Rules
HR professionals need to be on top of the developments surrounding an overhaul to current white-collar exemptions under the Fair Labor Standards Act.
A Deeper Dive into the Pay Gap
Many HR professionals are trying to figure out if the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission's newly proposed revisions to its EEO-1 form are really justified or if they will simply turn out to be one gigantic administrative burden.
The End of Pay Secrecy?
Employers are under pressure to divulge salary information. Could one of the last workplace taboos be going by the wayside?
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Talent Management Column

Talent acquisition and rising quit rates are all the talk in HR circles these days. But in today's labor market, there's evidence that job hopping is actually declining and people are staying in their jobs longer. What's really going on?