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HR and 'Radical Transparency'
More than half of HR executives surveyed want some form of salary transparency at their organization, but experts wonder whether it creates more problems than it is worth.
Raising the Wage Floor
Aetna made recent headlines by joining companies such as Gap, IKEA and Starbucks in notably increasing lower-income workers' salaries. Experts say it may be tempting to predict a trend is developing, but they don't foresee low-income employees receiving significant raises on a broad scale.
Filling the Pay Gap
While a new survey finds a majority of employees do not feel that employers are particularly interested in equitable compensation, some experts say gender-based pay inequality isn't quite as rampant in the workforce as many people perceive it to be.
Quieting the Pay-for-Performance Critics
New research on executive-compensation packages does not paint an especially pretty picture for many organizations, and experts say now is the time for HR leaders to be "talking their talk" with company leaders about aligning compensation to long-term value creation.
Employers Embracing Wage Hike
A new survey reveals that 62 percent of employers believe the minimum wage should be increased, and experts say that rising wages may present HR with opportunities to restructure jobs and employee responsibilities.
A Disconnect Between Pay and Performance
A new study finds just half of employees believing their managers' pay decisions fairly reflect employees' performance. While some employees are naturally inclined to believe they're undervalued, experts say employers and HR still have work to do to better link performance to pay.
HR's Top Earners
Who made last year's HR's Elite list -- and what did they take home?
Incentivizing Leaders in a Crisis
Recent research suggests offering certain types of bonuses to executives during a rough patch for the business may boost the company's chances of surviving and thriving in the long run. The key to achieving the desired result, experts say, is in deferring payment until the company is back on more stable ground.
Performance Pay Up, Options Down
The latest studies confirm more employers are choosing pay tied to performance over stock options for their executive ranks.
Bonuses Are Back
A new survey finds organizations' use of bonuses to attract and retain talent is at an all-time high. But compensation experts caution that bonus programs need to be well-planned and fully transparent in order to be effective.
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Talent Management Column

As the biggest private employer in the United States, Wal-Mart's recent moves to raise employee pay, improve scheduling practices and provide greater internal career opportunities stem, in part, from business necessity and will inevitably have major implications on a national scale.
Betting on Retention Dec 29, 2014