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The Risks of Radical Candor
When there's something in your organization that everyone knows about, but no one is addressing, the fine line between "radical candor" and "being a jerk" can get awfully blurry.
Recognizing the Line
Executives in the United States are often skeptical about the return-on-investment of employee-recognition programs for frontline workers. So why are business leaders in other countries -- including McDonald's executives in India -- embracing such efforts?
The Dangers of Empowering Hiring Managers
If you think giving line managers the power to hire their own workers is a good idea, think again. New research suggests taking this path could be a big mistake.
In Favor of Ditching the Performance Review
Whenever the topic of getting rid of performance appraisals pops up in a gathering of business people, the strongest objections to change seem to come from HR people. They should start quieting those objections.
The Real Effects of Wage Hikes
A new study on the effects of minimum-wage increases in the fast-food industry reveals differing effects on sustainability due to differing business models and levels of efficiency. So what effect does a wage hike have? It all depends.
Parental Leave in the Workplace Jungle
From the employee's perspective, expanded parental leave seems like a beautiful thing. But is it really possible for these programs to ever actually work as planned?
Is the Tide Turning, Starting in the U.K.?
The U.K. government's recent arguments for better treatment of workers are about as clear a manifesto for the importance of human resources as a function as one could imagine. Will it have a ripple effect on this side of the pond?
Why Blowing Up HR Isn't the Answer
There are two primary reasons behind why so many people dislike HR -- and neither has anything to do with whether the profession is doing a good or bad job.
Redefining the Student/Apprentice Model
There are more than a few reasons why CapGemini's United Kingdom initiative combining academic and real-work experience for recent high-school grads could gain traction elsewhere.
How Workers Find Jobs Now
The increased hiring of passive candidates means organizations will need to do more to retain the talent they already have on board.
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