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Comcast's Big Bet on the Future
How can you lure top talent away from Silicon Valley and other tech centers? Offer them things they can't get there, such as the ability to walk to work, own a house and be part of an affordable, urban community.
A 'Creepy' Benefit
Few employers seem to be following in the footsteps of Apple and Facebook by offering to cover the cost of freezing a woman's eggs -- and perhaps for good reason.
'Back to the Future' at IBM
While the idea that employers would co-invest in an employee's education is certainly not a new one, IBM has begun retraining its workers with an old-school -- and perhaps replicable -- approach.
Steering Clear of a Bump in Wages
The trucking industry finds itself squarely in the middle of a wage-related dilemma as the economy continues to grow.
What Happened to Part-time Work?
At least a couple of factors may be behind the emergence of unpredictable work schedules, a trend that's understandably taking a toll on today's sizable part-time workforce.
Project Mismanagement
Over the past few decades, organizations have moved toward much greater individual accountability and away from less functional, committee-based approaches when it comes to managing projects. While these new models certainly have their advantages, they also can easily be undermined.
So You Think Things Are Bad Here?
While the job market in the United States is extremely difficult for newly minted college graduates, the situation in China is even worse.
Don't Get Around Much Anymore
The continuing downward trend of people relocating for work may be more rooted in employment practices than it is in aging baby boomers, current economic conditions or the rise in home ownership.
Who's Really Moving the Big-Data Needle for HR?
While HR struggles to capitalize on the potential of big data, other departments such as IT are already finding business value within the numbers -- and conveying that information directly to the powers that be.
Re-evaluating Assessment
Considering their obvious importance, you'd think employers would have perfected the candidate-screening and performance-evaluation processes by now. But thanks to a range of factors, including some that are quite subtle, bias continues to persist and cloud the judgment of assessors.
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