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Sources of Hire 2017
Your guide to finding the best candidates
The Sources of Hire Report is back for 2017 and is more comprehensive than ever, covering more than 14 million applications, 655,000 interviews, and 329,000 hires. The job market is back -- and so is increased competition for top candidates. Download this report to learn data-driven insights, including interval vs. external sources, online vs. offline sources, the top 5 branded job boards and more!
A Simple, Human, and Smart Approach to Hiring
Great organizations know success begins with hiring the right people. Too often, organizations make crucial hiring decisions based on impressions rather than data and ultimately pay a big price for their mistakes. Read about a simple, human, and smart approach to selection that can have a major organizational impact.
HR Unleashed: Leading Business Transformation
HR is a people business, whether it's helping employees, hiring and nurturing the best talent, motivating employees or creating career development opportunities. Find out how to unleash HR from time consuming, manual activities to create a strategic, high value business service that drives employee engagement and competitive advantage.
State of Talent 2017
The big shift puts employees first
More than ever, today's CEOs recognize the tremendous competitive advantage in a workforce that's highly motivated, excited and tightly connected to business goals. Building a powerful workforce strategy remains front and center for HR teams. Download this report to learn the results from surveying more than 1,300 HR leaders, including the top 5 talent trends for 2017, top concerns and more!
Make the Right Hire, Every Time!
The single most important differentiator when it comes to winning in the talent economy is hiring the right people - plain and simple. Yet, despite all the best recruiting efforts companies may still find it challenging to recognize what makes a great hire and how to recruit them to their organizations. Good news - SmartRecruiters has you covered.
Impact of Agile Performance
How to create your culture of communication
Over the past several years an increasing number of companies have looked at their traditional performance process and found that it was affecting retention and engagement. To combat this, performance management has started evolving toward frequent conversations to create a culture focused on ongoing improvement. Download this white paper to learn more about these emerging processes.
Seeking Agility in Performance Management
Are companies moving to agile performance management?
While traditional reviews still reign as most popular, performance management change is on the way. Download this new report to learn highlights and results from a survey of over 200 HR leaders in this important area.
The Who, How and Why of Onboarding
How do organizations define onboarding and how it fits into their overall strategy?
An employee's first few days are critically important and hold huge influence over their decision to stay with the company long term. Download this white paper to discover today's best practices for activating employees and transforming onboarding basics into a powerful engagement strategy.
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