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'Renewed Attention' to ADEA
As the Age Discrimination in Employment Act reaches its golden anniversary, legal experts warn employers that three recent cases could portend an uptick in age-related suits.
Nov 13, 2017
The Open-Space Debate
Two executives weigh in on the merits and challenges of open-space-workplace environments.
Oct 2, 2017
The OT Rule: Now What?
HRE spoke with a former acting administrator of the Department of Labor's wage and hour division to find out how HR leaders should proceed after a federal court judge struck down the Obama-era overtime rule.
Sep 21, 2017
OSHA's Reporting Reduction
What effect will the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's recently announced reduction in the reporting of workplace fatalities have on safety efforts for employees?
Sep 14, 2017
The ABCs of ETFs
While exchange-traded fund assets have been growing in popularity among individual investors, employers have been slow to include them in retirement-plan offerings. Here's what plan fiduciaries need to know before adding them as an option for employees.
Aug 30, 2017
Google's Firing Line
Experts weigh in on whether the tech giant made the right choice in firing the engineer who wrote what many considered to be an anti-diversity internal memo.
Aug 16, 2017
ACOs: The Next Wave?
Accountable care organizations -- groups of different healthcare providers that share the responsibility of providing care to patients -- have produced mixed results in the few years they have been on the market, experts say. But companies are nonetheless beginning to gravitate toward them, according to a new survey.
Aug 15, 2017
Getting Under Employees' Skin
A few innovative tech companies have begun implanting microchips into willing workers. Will this trend catch on in other industries and eventually replace the employee ID badge?
Aug 2, 2017
The Safety Imperative
Realizing they can no longer afford to do the minimum, more companies are making safety a priority -- and realizing bigger profits in the process.
Jul 18, 2017
Expats' Mental-Health Claims Rise
It may be time for employers to re-evaluate their global mental-health practices, in light of new research that shows employees on international assignments experiencing a greater degree of depression or anxiety.
Jun 29, 2017
A Bipartisan Skills Bill
A bill now working its way through Congress is a strong example of how work and education need to be closely entwined, experts say.
Jun 14, 2017
Changing the Mind-set
Kevin Finke is harnessing the power of creative storytelling to help transform the culture at NCR.
Jun 5, 2017
The Quintessential Business Partner
Esther Ni recently demonstrated her leadership skills and creativity when she transformed an array of HR processes at Acuity Brands' Mexico plant.
Jun 5, 2017
The Real Deal
Through a series of innovative practices, Mandi Morrissey has successfully addressed Tru Vue/Apogee's turnover and attendance challenges.
Jun 5, 2017
The Unseen Struggle
Employers are increasingly taking a more proactive, multi-pronged approach to managing the costly and often overlooked issue of mental health.
Jun 5, 2017
Production Over Safety?
A new survey uncovers employees' disturbing perceptions about job safety. What can HR do to ensure productivity and safety are equally balanced in the workplace?
Jun 1, 2017
HR in the Unfriendly Skies
With airline-related confrontations going viral on an almost daily basis, experts say HR plays a critical role in defusing future confrontations before they ever start.
Apr 24, 2017
Why Green's Good
Commuter programs prove beneficial to the environment and good for business in terms of recruiting, retention and engagement. HR just needs to make a better case for them.
Apr 4, 2017
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