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Wrestling with Caregiving Woes
As more workers take on caregiving duties, experts urge HR professionals to revisit leave policies and help eliminate the (often unconscious) biases associated with these workers.
Jun 22, 2016
Decoding Disability Discrimination
New research uncovers biases against disabled applicants in the hiring process, while experts say HR needs to play a frontline role in helping recruiters and managers overcome any stigma associated with disabilities.
Dec 1, 2015
Helping at Home
With the recent rise in the number of children diagnosed with some form of autism, an increasing number of employees now face overwhelming challenges at home. But experts say employers can -- and should -- help their workers who care for special-needs children to better balance home life and work life.
Apr 21, 2014
Setting Up Autistic Employees to Succeed
A new study finds placing autistic adults in more independent work settings may help alleviate symptoms of the developmental disorder. Experts say there is no "ideal" work setting for autistic employees, but HR can help create an environment that enables autistic workers to thrive.
Jan 30, 2014 Sep 19, 2013 Sep 19, 2013
'Diversity of Thought'
Individuals with autism can prove to be model employees, if supervisory techniques are adjusted. In fact, some companies are going out of their way to hire them because of their unique and often productive ways of doing certain types of work.
Sep 19, 2013
New Manual's Likely Impact on HR
Making accommodations for employees with mental disabilities has never been easy, and it's about to get more difficult with the release of the American Psychiatric Association's new manual of mental disorders.
May 22, 2013 Feb 14, 2012
Diversity of Autism Offers HR Challenges
Since autism affects individuals in a wide variety of ways, it's important for employers to respond with individualized approaches, when necessary. It's also important, experts say, to focus on the quality of work by the employee instead of his or her social skills.
Feb 3, 2012
This accompanies Back to Work.
Nov 1, 2011
Reducing the Burdens Of Mental Disabilities
People with mental disabilities (including intellectual disabilities, serious mental illnesses and developmental disabilities, such as autism) have an employment rate that is only half as high as people with other forms of disabilities, according to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
Jun 2, 2011
Reducing the Burdens of Mental Disabilities
Individuals with mental illnesses and developmental disabilities face discrimination when seeking to find -- and keep -- jobs. Employers, who are required to offer accommodations for disabled employees, often find that it is easier than they thought.
Apr 5, 2011
Hiring the 'Specialists'
When his third child, Lars, was 3 years old, Thorkil Sonne learned that the boy suffered from an autism spectrum disorder called Asperger's syndrome. Devastated by the diagnosis, Sonne, a Danish telecommunications veteran, got involved in various social-service groups for people with autism.
Oct 2, 2010
Aspies in the Workplace
Recognizing their strengths, employers embrace workers with Asperger's Syndrome.
Oct 2, 2010
Sick Kids Add to Workplace Anxiety
Sick Kids Add to Workplace Anxiety | Human Resource Executive Online A recent study shows that parents of disabled or chronically ill children suffer physical and mental-health problems that increase absenteeism. Experts recommend family-leave and alternative programs as well as more communication about company benefits.
Aug 5, 2009
'Health-E' Encounters
Online wellness tools are giving HR a new way to spread the health message.
Oct 2, 2008