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Harnessing the 'Spillover' Effect
New research finds bottom-line benefits when organizations spend time carefully considering which employees should sit near each other. But experts warn that the "peer spillover" effect can also have negative consequences.
Aug 18, 2016
New Intel for Talent Acquisition!
Baby Boomers like me, after decades of following HCM, have been worrying about where the new analyst talent is coming from. Particularly when the "dark side" (aka vendors) often pay those smart people more money. Happily, there are "Three in Their Thirties" going at it in Talent Acquisition with already solid results. And you can get some of their content for free!
Jul 18, 2016
The (Other) Airbnb Experience
Fast-growing travel-rental company sets new standards for managing and engaging workers by focusing less on perks and schedules, and more on what they actually experience on the job.
Jul 18, 2016
Making an Impact
The WhatWorks Awards, Bersin by Deloitte's 2016 competition, recognizes leading strategies throughout all spectrums of HR, including learning, leadership and talent.
Jun 8, 2016
Creating a More Consumer-Like Experience
Josh Bersin, principal and founder of Bersin by Deloitte, elaborates on a few of the big HR-technology disruptions he sees on the horizon.
Jun 3, 2016
Enabling Better Business Transformation
Organizations must to find new ways to enable employees to gain valuable skills, while employee learning and development must be reimagined and redefined so employees can drive their own careers and development.
May 19, 2016
Let's Applaud the Encore of!
HR technology is full of "Second Acts," most famously Dave Duffield starting Workday with Aneel Bhusri after losing PeopleSoft. But I don't know many encores we've had like Kent Plunkett buying back the company he founded in 1999, lost 11 years later and is now busily re-inventing. It's quite a yarn.
Feb 1, 2016 Jan 20, 2016
Data vs. Discretion in Hiring
When it comes to relying on either hiring managers' judgement or pre-hiring assessments in making hiring decisions, new research gives a slight edge to the assessments. But experts say nothing can replace a collaborative relationship between recruiters and hiring managers.
Dec 17, 2015 Sep 3, 2015 Jul 31, 2015
Not Hungry Yet
Latest research from Bersin by Deloitte shows the appetite for smartphone use with HR applications has not grown to any impressive degree.
Jun 17, 2015
Lessons From the Leaders
Bersin by Deloitte's 2015 competition recognizes leading practices across all spectrums of HR.
Jun 8, 2015
Workday vs. Cornerstone Evolving!
I already admitted how foolish it was to ignore Evolv for six years until Cornerstone OnDemand bought it for $42.3 million last fall. Now Cornerstone has started opening the kimono on its intentions for Evolv, which includes competing with its BFF Workday on machine intelligence, predictive analytics and 'Insights.'
May 26, 2015
HR 2020
HR experts weigh in on what their profession might look like in five years, as the very nature of work rapidly evolves.
May 6, 2015
Thinking Differently on Engagement
With employee engagement named as a top concern for employers in a recent poll, experts suggest HR consider new ways of hiring and motivating employees.
Mar 26, 2015
Taking Analytics Up a Notch
Employers are discovering new uses for workforce-data-analytics products so they can detect problem areas and possible solutions far more easily and effectively than before.
Mar 9, 2015
Radio Show #174
Josh Bersin, Founder, Bersin by Deloitte, Bersin by Deloitte

Hear Top 4 HR Tech Influencer Josh Bersin on The Bill Kutik Radio Show

Feb 27, 2015
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