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HR Tech in 2014 and Beyond: The Big Themes HR Leaders Need to Understand

Date: August 20, 2014

Time: 2 p.m. ET


Like all technology categories, the market for HR Technology solutions has undergone significant and important changes in just the last few years. From smaller solution providers being gobbled up by larger enterprise players, to the continued rise and now near total dominance of cloud-based HR solutions, to the increased adoption by employees and organizations of mobile devices as the critical gateway to enterprise technologies, and the development of brand new tools that help HR leaders answer long-standing problems in new ways, the HR technology landscape is almost unrecognizable from only a few years ago.

Additionally, HR leaders today must also consider the heightened demands of employees for HR solutions that are exceedingly easy to use, provide HR and talent information at the time, place, and in the right workplace context, and actually help them and their teams perform better (while improving efficiency and lowering costs).  HR Technology solution providers, both new and established, are responding to these challenges, delivering more capability and innovating in all manner of solutions – Core HR, Benefits, Talent Management, Recruiting, and more. New HR technologies offer substantial opportunities to increase employee engagement while serving important organizational objectives. But with all this innovation, the HR leader’s task becomes more complex - making the right choices about HR Technology harder than ever before - just as those choices become more important for the organization.

In this Human Resource Executive Magazine Webinar sponsored by Castlight Health, HR Technology Conference Co-Chair Steve Boese and Trish McFarlane, VP of HR Practice and Principal Analyst, Brandon Hall Group, will break down the most important themes in HR technology today and highlight how the speakers and exhibitors at the upcoming HR Technology Conference will focus on these trends.  Drawing from industry research, practical experience, and from the development of the program for the Conference, this webinar will help HR leaders understand these trends in HR Technology, what they mean for organizations right now, and what they as leaders can do today to take advantage of them. Attendees will emerge with a good understanding of what is currently driving the HR Technology market, and what to look for when evaluating solutions for their organizations.

Please join us in what is sure to be an informative event.

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Building a Better Boss: Engaging Managers to Inspire and Engage Workers

Date: August 13, 2014

Time: 2:30 p.m. ET


Study after study has established that the single most important factor in employee productivity, quality, morale and retention is the relationship between employee and manager.  Yet recent research from Bruce Tulgan and RainmakerThinking Inc. finds that “The Under-management Epidemic,” first revealed in their 2004 landmark study, rages on 10 years later.  According to the study, nine out of 10 leaders and managers are not providing their direct reports with sufficient guidance, support and coaching. 

Wherever it occurs in an organization, under-management has huge costs:

•             Unnecessary problems occur,
•             Problems that could have been solved easily turn into bigger problems,
•             Resources are squandered,
•             People do their basic tasks incorrectly without even knowing it,
•             Low performers hide and collect paychecks,
•             Mediocre performers struggle because they need help,
•             High performers get frustrated and leave, and
•             Managers spend too much time on tasks that should be delegated.

Bruce Tulgan and his company, RainmakerThinking Inc., have been conducting research on supervisory relationships in the workplace for 20 years. Bruce has worked with hundreds of HR leaders to help them recognize and combat under-management in their organizations.   In addition, Bruce has counseled thousands of managers in organizations of all types and sizes on how to work closely with HR to get the tools, training and techniques necessary to practice the fundamentals of management very well.

After this webinar, participants will be able to:

•             Recognize the signs of under-management (hint: It is often hidden in plain sight).
•             Help leaders in your organization foster strong, highly engaged leadership at all levels.

As a bonus for registering and attending, Achievers will provide participants with a complimentary report titled The Secret Weapon to Driving Employee Success.

Please join us in what is sure to be an informative event.

Space is limited, so register today! the Talent Pipeline: How Unified Platforms are Helping Companies Acquire, Retain and Manage Talent

Date: May 29, 2014

Time: 2:30 p.m. ET

Organizations are challenged to attract, retain and develop people in 2014 as they strive to keep pace with a global economic recovery. Increasingly, organizations approach the talent pipeline as a strategic business process that requires a broad end-to-end focus—one that begins with a strategic employment brand, includes sourcing and recruiting activities, and carries through to developing, engaging, managing and retaining top talent.

To meet today’s talent challenges, leaders should obtain a thorough understanding of the business strategy, the organization’s plans for growth, and new market opportunities. They also should have technology that provides anytime, anywhere access to the analytics and other vital information about workforce needs and trends in order to make the right management decisions.

Based on new research from Bersin by Deloitte, Deloitte Consulting LLP, this session will provide an overview of how unified platforms and new technologies, including mobile and social, are helping organizations successfully attract and manage talent. Attendees will walk away with five key strategies for selecting technologies to manage the talent pipeline, from recruiting to retirement.

Please join us in what is sure to be an informative event.

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Managing Complexity: Getting Managers to Lead Effectively in an Ever-More-Complex World


Date: May 28, 2014

Time: 2:30 p.m. ET agree that complexity in business is real and here to stay. Global markets and customers, tighter budgets, fewer resources and virtual teams, an aging workforce, generational differences in work commitment, increased governmental regulation, as well as a range of other issues, all contribute to this increased complexity and accelerated pace of change.

In addition, employees are feeling pressure from work and in their personal lives: increased workload, higher performance expectations, aging parents requiring more assistance, providing for college tuitions and their own retirements, and in the case of younger workers, a desire for more work-life balance. 

Managers must keep their teams focused and aligned, and find ways to effectively lead in this in this environment. In light of this, managing complexity in today’s inter-connected world has become a core competency.

Top performing HR organizations are focused on reducing complexity—in their functions, but primarily for the managers and employees.  In this webinar, Hackett Group Principal Stephen Joyce will discuss:

•     What it takes to effectively manage and lead in this environment, and the role HR leaders can play in enabling this to happen;

•     The challenges organizations are likely to face along the way and steps that can be taken to successfully address them; and

•     Noteworthy case studies and some of the key lessons that have been learned by those leading the way on this front.

Please join us in what is sure to be an informative event. 

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