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Gabe Zichermann on Gamification
Gabe Zichermann, chair of the Gamification Summit where top thought leaders in the industry gather to share knowledge and insight, talks about gamification for HR and beyond.

Zichermann is also an author, public speaker and entrepreneur whose best-selling book "Gamification by Design" looks at the technical and architectural considerations for designing engagement using games concepts.
It's the Behavior, Stupid
We are at the tail end of an era that has focused almost entirely on the innovation of products and services, and we are at the beginning of a new era that focuses on the innovation of what I like to call "behavioral business models."
Videos Focus on Gamification Issues
These two videos highlight various aspects of the uses of gamification that may be applicable to HR leaders.
Let's Play!
Increasingly, HR is using elements of game playing to motivate employees and change their attitudes about training.
Beyond HR
Vic Buzachero's business-centered approach to human capital management and support of metrics and accountability at Scripps Health put him heads above others who are still doing HR the old way.
Rethinking the Cloud
While predicting the future of technology is never easy, the harder part of that process is actually predicting how technology will change behavior.
Quantitative Talent Management: A Moneyball Perspective
Just like the baseball owners of years past, many human resource professionals and line managers are making mistakes in assembling their teams -- by misvaluing their employees. Now, more than ever, a holistic approach is needed to ensure that the right data is being selected, tracked, reported on, compared and used to improve talent management.
New Frontiers In Technology
Cloud Computing, social-enterprise tools, analytics and mobile solutions are just a few of the topics to be explored at 15th Annual HR Technology┬« Conference & Exposition, which will be held Oct. 8 to Oct. 10 at McCormick Place in Chicago.
Think Twice Before Hitting Send ...
That's what the HR department should have done at Aviva Investors when it accidentally fired more than 1,300 employees. Yikes!
Not Ready for Recruiting
Most employers are not ready to take advantage of an anticipated surge in recruiting. Their career websites are not enticing or easy to use. And their employee value propositions are murky.
The Legal Ambiguities of Social Media
Employers continue to look for guidance on issues related to the evolving use of social media by employees. Creating an appropriate policy remains difficult, but the authors offer some expert advice that may help.
Raining on the Cloud
Not everyone is convinced that the cloud is where the future of technology lies. Possible risks include a vendor's financial stability and potential security issues involved with having sensitive company data residing on outside servers.
Top 25 Most-Read HREOnline Stories
Since a redesigned website for Human Resource Executive® was launched in May 2006, we have offered readers timely analyses of HR trends and issues as well as thought-provoking columns and articles by thought leaders, along with posting our print magazine content online.

These top 25 most-read stories give you an idea of what HR professionals have been most interested in reading about on HREOnline since that time.
Products & Services
Improving the Candidate Experience
Lifetimes of Tech Change
For computer hardware and software, 25 years represents several lifetimes of changes. For HR, it has meant continually getting control over, and access to, its own technology.
Getting 'Intelligent' about Talent
A new report finds that less than half of surveyed organizations are adept at analyzing workforce data that can positively affect their bottom line. So what is HR's role in getting their organizations to embrace and utilize these metrics?
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After hating the merit-pay-increase matrix for 25 years, imagine my delight in seeing that Saba plans to debut a Big Data and machine-learning product that encourages you not to treat every employee the same, tells you who needs to be treated differently and even indicates how much the good ones may cost to keep them from leaving!