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Rise of the HR Apps
Experts say the vast potential of HR-focused mobile apps may lie beyond benefits communication and recruiting, with many now designed to speed up organizational processes and reinforce desired behaviors.
Critical Yet Overlooked
Fundamental changes in many industries have led to a need for individual contributors who can also be effective team leaders, but new research suggests these workers are not getting the training they need.
Report: Dumping Spousal Coverage May Not Save Money
A new Employee Benefit Research Institute report says employers may end up spending more money on healthcare coverage if neighboring employers dump their more-costly spouses onto their plans.
Wearable Tech in the Workplace
The fledgling wearable-device trend will soon hit the consumer market full-force, but how well will wearables translate to the workplace and what HR challenges will they bring along with them?
Bracing for Big Data Analytics
A new survey finds only one-quarter of companies equipped to meet their anticipated analytics needs in the future. Experts predict many organizations will rely on a combination of developing internal talent and bringing in outside expertise to fill analytics capability gaps.
Fast Forward on HR Innovation
The rapid evolution of digital-information technology has opened the door for HR innovation to reach beyond its traditional capabilities, providing employers with meaningful solutions in key areas that have always been especially challenging.
'Tonight Show' Parody Offers Predictions
In Johnny Carson mode, Bill Kutik hosted a first-ever -- and maybe only -- HR Tonight Show for the HR Technology® Conference Tuesday keynote, bringing in some key analysts with a lot to share.
Openness, Transparency Themes of HR Tech Keynote
In his opening speech, Don Tapscott points out that youth value speed, innovation and openness -- and are notably adept at sniffing out communication that isn't genuine.
Making the Connection
With advancements in technology clipping along at lightning speed, and with rapidly evolving regulatory and compliance requirements presenting an ever-present risk, HR and IT need to work together to update processes and procedures, and establish clearly defined guidelines and best practices that can help minimize mistakes and maximize transparency and efficiency.
Big Data and the Mid-Level Manager
While most information technology professionals and many senior executives may already have well-developed analytical skills, experts say more middle managers need to hone their big-data skills to make the most insightful -- and impactful -- decisions for their organizations.
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For years, the chattering classes in HCM have almost unanimously declared SaaS applications in the cloud to be the inevitable next stage of computing. All of them should have the reality check of being in a room with 1,000 HR-IT folks still wondering whether the cloud is secure and reliable, as I did at the annual SAP HCM user conference. But there were innovations there, too.