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Return with Us to the Thrilling Days of Yesteryear -- Via SAP
For years, the chattering classes in HCM have almost unanimously declared SaaS applications in the cloud to be the inevitable next stage of computing. All of them should have the reality check of being in a room with 1,000 HR-IT folks still wondering whether the cloud is secure and reliable, as I did at the annual SAP HCM user conference. But there were innovations there, too.
A New Corporate Medical Benefit -- Via Email!
Why don't more doctors use email? With office visits averaging 12 minutes, it would seem a useful extension of their practice. New York-based Sherpaa has joined a handful of other startups creating a virtual medical service restricted to email and phone. Not to replace traditional healthcare, but as an overlay that could save your company money.
IBM Joins the Shifting Talent-Management War
IBM is using its acquisition of Kenexa to enter the talent- management war just as it seems to be shifting to unified systems. Without a core HRMS, the new IBM Kenexa Talent Suite will go to market with some very flashy technology (including parts of Watson) and a distinctly modern notion of what "integrated" applications mean.
Harvard Business Review Becomes an HR Journal
CEOs must finally be starting to care about talent when the Harvard Business Review publishes a package of profiles of three companies, and their very different paths to maximizing talent. Surprise, shock and awe await you. And some useful tips for your own organization.
Another Bullet Fired at the Beating Heart of the Resume
Resumes have dogged our entire professional lives and occasionally maddened the recruiters among us. But now, following several failed attempts to standardize or kill them, a new company, 1-Page, has introduced a fresh idea aimed at altering the recruiting process.
David Steps Up Its Game Against Goliath in Workforce Management
How would you like to compete against Kronos, the fourth largest HCM vendor right behind ADP, according to research firm IDC, and nearly as dominant in its field? Workforce Software (plus others) have successfully been doing it for years, and those two companies' recent back-to-back user conferences in Florida revealed a lot about the challenges each faces.
My Final HR Tech Conference
Finally, after reading and writing about it for 10 months, I've finished my 16 years as founding co-chair of the HR Technology® Conference. Now the truth can finally be told: I didn't do it all myself! And all the people who have made it such a runaway success will be working with my replacement Steve Boese.
Workday Rising: Higher and Higher!
Who was so clever years ago to name this annual user conference, "Workday Rising"? The meeting last week in San Francisco certainly showed the company rising in every respect, including a new User Interface, new applications and a bright future battling vendors 10 to 20 times its size for the hearts and minds of HR executives at companies large and small.
How New Recruiting Entrants Differ from the Older Guys
The applicant tracking system is the new HRMS -- necessary but largely administrative. Now value is in the recruiting "edge" applications and how companies are using them to find, build and maintain relationships with candidates. It involves more than social recruiting and candidate relationship management. It's a new war for recruiting-software leadership.
New War Gathering Over Recruiting Tech
Not the War for Talent. This new war is over whom will be the next generation's Taleo, BrassRing, Peopleclick, Virtual Edge and others: the new leaders in recruiting technology. Companies of all sizes are building brand new systems, and the battle will benefit smart end-users, turning others into collateral damage.
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