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Finally, Cornerstone Adds Core
For years, experts have been waiting for Cornerstone, the leading provider of a talent-management-only suite, to build an HRMS, or Core HR, to create a unified system. With eyes firmly on SAP SuccessFactors, which did the same thing five years ago, the company has finally announced its plans, but just as the game could already be changing!
Surprising State of HCM in China
Between Oracle HCM World in Chicago and SAP SuccessFactors' second annual HCM Influencer Summit in San Francisco, I attended the first HR Tech China in Zhuhai: 12 time zones away from home so exactly half-way around the world. But it felt like Silicon Valley.
Made in Japan: Enterprise HCM
After recovering from World War II, Japan had a breathtaking time of technical innovation that many thought ended with its economic troubles. Now its long-time leading HCM vendor, Works Applications, has opened an office south of Los Angeles and is hunting for U.S. early adopters.
Why I Feel Sorry for IBM
Feel sorry for IBM? What an absurd notion. Perhaps the first great tech company ever! Respected and doing business everywhere in the world! Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM. Fact is IBM's effort to become an enterprise-applications software vendor, especially now in HCM, has sometimes been a struggle.
Let's Applaud the Encore of!
HR technology is full of "Second Acts," most famously Dave Duffield starting Workday with Aneel Bhusri after losing PeopleSoft. But I don't know many encores we've had like Kent Plunkett buying back the company he founded in 1999, lost 11 years later and is now busily re-inventing. It's quite a yarn.
A New Yelp for HCM Software!
Ironically, just as LinkedIn has crippled the usefulness of groups -- once the best place to get your colleagues' opinions about software you might be selecting -- a start-up called G2 Crowd is using a lot of LinkedIn's business model to become the place to go for enterprise software reviews.
Who Are the Real Five Generations in the Workplace?
After years of focusing on millennials, HR faces new and broader challenges around technology adoption in the workplace. And the best way to meet those challenges is to stop thinking about how old employees are, but rather how digitally proficient they might be.
My Best Experience at HR Tech!
After so many analysts, bloggers and vendor-marketing writers have already weighed in on the HR Tech Conference, here is my best (and different) experience: an extended conversation with a leading HCM provider in the Middle East and my observation that Japan's leading HCM vendor was also at the Expo. Where else does the HCM world come together but at HR Tech?
My Favorite HCM Feature!
At its recent user conference, Workday Rising, the company delivered a terrific HCM feature, finally completed its talent-management suite and signaled a potential new direction. Not bad for one day in Vegas!
Do System Integrators Work Just for You?
When a big company buys big HCM software, it never works out of the box. The vendor's consultants, or more often a separate system integrator, have to be engaged to implement it. But is that SI really independent and working just for you? It's complicated, and history matters.
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