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Change is Coming
Although the organizations most likely to use shared services have traditionally been large, Fortune 500 companies, that's beginning to change, experts say. Here's what HR needs to know in order to keep up.
About the Competition
This article accompanies Leading the Talent of Tomorrow.
'Eye to the Future'
Thanks to a series of innovative new programs and initiatives being spearheaded by Russ Jackson and his team, HR is clearly making its presence felt at Safeway.
Building a Wall of Metrics
Steven Ginsburgh, head of HR at Universal Weather and Aviation, measures and harnesses internal talent to unlock his workforce's potential.
Managing Through Transition
For Janice Bultema, accepting the top HR post at University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics meant tackling the biggest challenge of her career.

This article accompanies Leading the Talent of Tomorrow and The 2012 HR Honor Roll.
Leading the Talent of Tomorrow
Mara Swan, HRE's 2012 HR Executive of the Year, is helping to bring ManpowerGroup's changing talent strategy into clear focus. Since entering the HR world, Swan has accomplished much, including being named a Woman of Influence by the Milwaukee Business Journal in 2008 and a Woman Worth Watching by Profiles in Diversity Journal in 2010, the same year she was inducted into the Wisconsin Business Hall of Fame.
On Cancer Survival and Hiring Tips
Jim Roddy, president of Jameson Publishing in Erie, Pa., just wrote a book titled Hire Like You Just Beat Cancer, to drive home his newfound perspective on just how crucial it is to hire the right people -- gained through his own bout with colon cancer at age 32.
Workforce Strategy Lacking Among Most Employers
A new survey finds many organizations either lacking -- or struggling to implement -- a workforce strategy. Experts say HR professionals must be willing to expand their thinking about what it takes to develop their talent pipeline.
What CEOs Expect from CHROs
Learn what CEOs expect from their chief human resource officers in this checklist from Bloomberg Businessweek.
Branding on the Inside is Good for Outside Business
When employees understand their brand better, experts say, they're more likely to be engaged with their company and more productive at work.
Competency Model Raises Questions
So, just how good of an HR professional are you? How about the people who report to you?
CHRO Succession at the Crossroads
What confidence can stakeholders have in the succession plan of the enterprise when more than half of the nation's CHROs fail to put sufficient energy into identifying and grooming their own replacements?
Disassembling HR
Does today's market require us to redesign the human resource function by taking it apart? A strong case could be made for answering "yes."
Global Nomads' Retirement Puzzle
Some call them "global nomads." Others say they belong to an "international cadre." Either way, they are expatriate employees who spend a decent chunk of time (three to five years or longer) on multiple international assignments, typically moving from country to country in the process.
Talent-Mobility Imperative
A recent global study by PricewaterhouseCoopers Tax demonstrates some of the business implications of having the right talent in the right markets at the right time, including:
Local Leaders Needed
When a U.S.-based company opens an office overseas, is the best person to lead that operation (initially, at least) an American? Not necessarily, says New York-based international executive-search consultant Gary Klein, although that has often been the prevailing wisdom at American firms, he adds.
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HR Leadership Column

A string of recent racist and sexist incidents serves as a stark reminder that HR still has an important role to play in helping to dispel the subconscious biases people bring to the workplace.
Being a Truth Teller Jan 19, 2015