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Eight Skills Needed to Become Chief HR Officer
The CHRO role is much different than a top divisional HR role or a position leading a center of excellence within the function. So what does it take to reach the C-suite?
New Strategy? Don't Forget The Execution
In a Q & A with author and Wharton Professor Lawrence G. Hrebiniak, he explains why it's critical for firms to create a "culture of execution" in order to succeed.
Too Darned Complex
Today's business environment rewards flatter, more nimble organizations. Yet many HR leaders report feeling overwhelmed by complexity.
The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship?
HR and finance haven't exactly had the warmest and fuzziest of relationships in the past, but the latest evidence suggests the two functions need each other more than ever today -- and that interdependence is likely to grow in the future.
HR's Make-or-Break Moment
Many HR leaders welcome the opportunity to be invited to the early stage strategic planning on an acquisition but they aren't sure where to insert themselves or how to provide value. Understanding the first steps of the deal process and where HR can help provide needed guidance is the key.
An HR Icon Reflects on Retirement
Randy MacDonald talks about his decision to step down as senior vice president of HR for IBM, his preparation beforehand, and the profession he has championed -- and critiqued -- throughout his career.
HR Plays the Outside Board Game
The recent election of Gap Inc. HR chief Eva Sage-Gavin to the board of directors of an outside company is the latest example of HR executives following this path. HR leaders not only have much to offer outside boards, they and their employers also benefit from them doing so, experts say.
A Dynamic Duo
HR-and-marketing partnerships are evolving, as organizations recognize their immense potential for positively impacting recruitment, engagement and branding initiatives.
Differing Views on Innovation
Recent research shows a gap between leaders' view of their work in leading innovation and how employees view leadership's efforts in this area. Experts urge HR professionals to help managers break out of "decision-making mode," and coach them on encouraging original, innovative ideas from employees.
Winners and Losers, 2012 Edition
After much deliberation, here is HRE's list of this year's winners and losers in the world of HR.
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HR Leadership Column

As the Department of Labor begins to revisit overtime regulations, HR leaders would be wise to revisit their organization's own situation and let their voices be heard.