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Disclosing Illness in the C-Suite
When a chief executive announces he or she has been diagnosed with a serious illness, HR must play a central role in communicating the news and helping the organization prepare for the future.
Going World-Class (for Less)
New research shows that world-class HR organizations excel at efficiency while also spending less than typical HR organizations. What's their secret?
Addressing Internal Competition
While some companies seem to thrive on internal (employee-to-employee and/or department-to-department) competition, others seem to do much better with a focus on collaboration. Which approach makes more sense? The answer is not a simple one.
A North Star for HR Executives
Today's HR leaders need to approach their profession more holistically, partnering with other functions across the organization to meet business goals and focusing on five key criteria -- like the points of a star -- to guide them.
Don't Blow Up HR, Appreciate and Evolve It
For the last 20 years, the war for talent has been the dominant metaphor for HR. But now many HR leaders are looking beyond winning the talent and focusing their attention on the organization and business.
How HR Can Remain Relevant in the Freelance Economy
The strategic use of freelance talent will gain momentum as processes emerge to help organizations shop for workers with specific skill sets. Technology will make the transaction side of the equation frictionless, so where does that leave HR?
How to Be a C-Suite Influencer
From building a solid reputation to utilizing the power of persuasion, learn the five key competencies of the most influential HR leaders.
Serving More than the Bottom Line
New research shows the economic value of the "servant leadership" management philosophy, while experts debate whether organizations should seek to build similar cultures at their organizations and how HR fits into the equation.
HR and the Bottom Line
New research finds a definite link between an organization's HR policies and its financial performance, which experts say should give HR leaders the confidence to promote their policies to the C-suite.
Expanding HR's Expertise

INSEAD professor Herminia Ibarra discusses with HRE Staff Writer Mark McGraw the importance of leaving one's comfort zone in order to become a true business leader.
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HR Leadership Column

Four steps HR leaders can take to ensure conflict avoidance doesn't stifle innovation and creativity.
Being a 'Truth Teller' Aug 31, 2015