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Making a Difference on Overtime Regs
As the Department of Labor begins to revisit overtime regulations, HR leaders would be wise to revisit their organization's own situation and let their voices be heard.
Disruptive Technology Requires Change Management
HR professionals know that anything that causes business disruptions is certain to have implications for human resource management, including the growth of 3-D printing.
Dealing with Income Inequality
A single HR executive can't solve the problem of income inequality within an organization, but he or she can still make a positive difference in the lives of the people he or she works with.
The Making of a CEO
Mary Barra's recent promotion to the top post at General Motors is noteworthy not only because she's the first woman to head a major automaker, but also because it demonstrates that time spent in HR can help build important competencies for those being groomed to someday lead a corporation.
Seeking the 'Holy Grail' of HR
Yahoo! and Microsoft recently announced they are revamping their performance-management systems in very different ways, but the two also now share a best practice that shouldn't get lost in the debate over the pros and cons of forced rankings.
Redefining the Mentor
The traditional definition of a mentor -- someone who teaches or gives help and advice to a less-experienced and often younger person -- needs to be both updated and broadened for today's workplace.
Delivering a Better Experience
Though the winners of the 2013 Candidate Experience Awards won't be announced until next week, an analysis of the materials submitted for this year's competition reveals a number of best practices that can have a huge and positive impact on not only the employer brand, but the HR brand, too.
Walking a Fine Regulatory Line
Federal contractors will soon have goals for employing people with disabilities and protected veterans, but HR leaders will need to tread carefully as they try to achieve them.
Linking Neuroscience and HR
HR leaders could soon reap the rewards of recent efforts to better understand the workings of the brain, especially in areas such as workplace fairness and compensation.
The Perils of Being Invisible
If you fail to stay current with the technology in your own professional space, you could ultimately be harming your credibility when the time comes to prepare your organization for technologies that might impact -- or disrupt -- your business.
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