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Is HR Part of the Gender-Gap Problem?
New research suggests the female-dominant HR profession takes a hit when it promotes diversity within organizations. But If HR doesn't advocate for greater diversity, how likely is it more women will be able to move into leadership roles?
Moving Outside Your Lane
HR leaders play a critical role in creating a culture where employees can bring forward new ideas. But when it comes to voicing a point of view about non-HR aspects of the business, far too many in the profession are reluctant to do so, even when they have something valuable to share.
Spoiler Alert: Leading is Tough
Difficult decisions are a little easier to make when decision makers feel they have the information they need to make the right call for the business, and that's where HR needs to come in.
Seeking Sensible Compliance Guidance
Keeping up with changing regulations -- part of an HR leader's job -- may soon get a whole lot harder, thanks to new rules from the Department of Labor regarding getting outside counsel.
Getting on Board
Joining a board can be a win-win for both company and CHRO. So what does it take to prepare yourself for the role?
Putting 'Best Practices' into Context
A best practice for recruiting workers in the food-service industry is likely to be the worst practice possible when recruiting engineers for missile-defense systems. So how can HR choose the best approach for a particular organization or industry? It's all about context.
Digging in for the Gig Economy
As nontraditional worker models continue to grow in popularity, HR leaders are going to need to brace for changes on the legislative front, as policymakers and the courts begin to weigh in.
Tackling the Conflict-Avoiders Syndrome
Four steps HR leaders can take to ensure conflict avoidance doesn't stifle innovation and creativity.
Being a 'Truth Teller'
It's unrealistic to expect a CEO to truly know and understand how his or her company's culture is experienced by others. That's where HR comes in.
Unintended Consequences
As technology continues to evolve, it is creating new frontiers that government agencies will have to grapple with to determine if they include any discriminatory implications.
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