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On Karma and Comp
In the aftermath of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella's comments about women's compensation -- and the round of retractions and clarifications that followed -- one thing remains clear: HR has an important role to play when it comes to ensuring pay equity between genders.
A Case Against Licensing
While there are some undeniable benefits associated with a formalized licensing process for HR professionals -- including a likely rise in compensation -- they are easily overshadowed by reasons for not pursuing such a path.
Avoiding Depression's Devastation
When dealing with depression in the workplace, it's essential to ensure that supervisors have the training to recognize the signs of trouble and employees suffering from this widespread and troubling illness have access to resources and tools that can provide much-needed assistance.
HR's Perception Problem
As the HR profession engages in healthy discussions about its future, let's focus on what we can change and ignore the noise from those who are complaining because they had a bad HR experience or know someone who did.
Rethinking vs. Redesigning HR
While breaking up the HR function may not be the best remedy for what ails the profession, reconsidering its priorities -- including its need for practitioners to have better business judgment -- may be.
A Sad -- But Not Surprising -- Breakup
There's plenty of disappointment to go around in the wake of the divorce between the Society for Human Resource Management and the Human Resource Certification Institute over certification programs.
A Game Plan for Risk Mitigation
As the National Basketball Association's handling of the Donald Sterling controversy moves forward, it should remind HR leaders that the path of "least litigation" may not always be the right choice.
Making a Difference on Overtime Regs
As the Department of Labor begins to revisit overtime regulations, HR leaders would be wise to revisit their organization's own situation and let their voices be heard.
Disruptive Technology Requires Change Management
HR professionals know that anything that causes business disruptions is certain to have implications for human resource management, including the growth of 3-D printing.
Dealing with Income Inequality
A single HR executive can't solve the problem of income inequality within an organization, but he or she can still make a positive difference in the lives of the people he or she works with.
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